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  1. WTB Reising parts

    WTB M50 Reising bolt(s). Mine broke last month. Top price paid. Also want stock(s), barrel. Reply here or text me at 6783868457.
  2. WTB Colt Thompson C drum

    Looking for an original Colt 100 round drum for my waiting-for-ATF model 1921.
  3. I’ll soon be getting my first FA. Question: does the mere act of firing a FA give cops the right to demand proof tthat the gun is legal? Assume that I’m at a legal place to shoot, in a gun-friendly state. One could make the case that FA shooting is not per se illegal, so why should police be able to presume criminality? I don’t see myself debating this with a sherrif’s deputy in my field, but it raises other questions. Can the cop enter private property without a warrant because a machine gun is heard? What if they are clueless about NFA and want to go straight to arrest? My lawyer knows nothing about this. Any information, experiences, or suggestions as to resources will be appreciated.