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  1. WTS: MP5K

    Back to the top!
  2. WTS: Linking Press

    Links sold. Press still up for sale!
  3. WTS: MP5K

    Reduced. Thanks for the offers but no trades at this time.
  4. You got me when I was updating it :] $3995 shipped.
  5. This is the real deal and not a parts kit build. It is a factory original HK416 short upper with a 10.4" upper. It is serialized as you can see and is not a cut down 16" HK416 or MR556. It has the authentic HK416 BCG with the relief cuts as well. Lastly, it has the updated lower profiled barrel and not the heavy one. Email: my screen name at GMAIL. $3995 shipped.
  6. I have 3 total. New in wrap. These are normally 130-160 when you can find them in stock.
  7. WTS: HK MP5F

    This firearm started life as a pristine H&K 94 and was converted to a MP5F. SPF.
  8. WTS: MP5K

    Updated. Sold on a different forum.
  9. HK, MP5K-N, Originally done by S&H Arms with a transferable Fleming HK Machine Gun Auto Sear in an Ambi Burst Pack. PRICE: $36k