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  1. WTK: Opinions on transferable M2 carbines.

    Someone just posted a Plainfield M2 transferable in the classifieds for $10k. Thats the cheapest m2 anything I’ve seen. I don’t know where they fall as far as quality but all of the Plainfield carbines non MG that I’ve had ran great.
  2. Looking for a transferable HK sear or pack. Not interested in married host guns but will entertain host with separate Registered sears or packs. Thanks in advance!
  3. Price check on surplus 8mm Romanian

    I can’t tell you what it actually sells for but a guy at a local show last weekend had a spam can on his table for $200 and he took it back home. He had Turkish 8mm for .35 a round and sold some of it.
  4. Dshk builders

    Is Midwest the only one in the county that builds these in semi auto?
  5. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

  6. Dshk builders

    Who's everyone using to build there dshk kits?Any ideas on time frame and cost and quality for any particular builders or recommendations?
  7. That's great! I wish the video was in English. Definitely a piece of history that should be treasured.
  8. American 180 drums

    I was really hoping for a measurement like this ones quarter inch taller than or half inch bigger around. I would have to unload by hand also because I have nothing to shoot it with either.
  9. I could not imagine the urge to shoot that thing with those loaded mags just sitting off to the side like that. I don't know what the laws are there but here you would have to turn it in. I Guarantee the Ammo would be gone though.
  10. American 180 drums

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference in the original steel drums. They are either 165 or 177 round capacity and I don't have a loader to try and determine from actually loading them.
  11. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

    No thanks. I'm good on barrels. Aftermarket drum loader and top cover are my only wants. I can't say needs but wants is more appropriate.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. Its frustrating trying to buy or sell something when one of the people involved is too stubborn or stupid to listen to reason. I have met several people through here and GB that have helped me out tremendously with parts IDs. It saddens me how much knowledge and history is dying off every year and not getting passed on to our youth. I run into people that won't sell me things because they know I buy stuff to resell. Sometimes they have 10 of the same item and won't sell more than one because I bought it must have been too cheap.
  13. If he doesn't have any active listing there won't be any way to contact him through gunbroker. I think they keep it that way so people can't sell things after auctions close to avoid fee's. Did you contact the seller and ask if they would forward your information to the buyer? I would never give out someone's contact info but I would definitely forward to a customer and let them make up there mind if they wanted outside contact.
  14. Did you purchase something from them? Have you tried the ask seller a question option in the listing? If the seller doesn't respond there is a resolve problem with seller option in the listing also. If your just trying to lowball the guy on something he's selling witch is my experience with questions from customers on gunbroker then he might not respond. I don't reply to 90% of the questions I receive based on the stupidity of the question. I had a guy email for detailed instructions to install a sling on his M1 garand.
  15. Mg15 saddle drum loader

    I'm looking for a saddle drum loader if someone has one laying around. Not a original collector piece but a functional user type item. Thanks!