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  1. $1000 picked up @ Knob Creek October 10th 11th or 12th.
  2. Looking for a lage 9mm drum conversion upper for my m11A1 380 Mac. Thanks in advance! Indianapolis, Indiana
  3. Can be picked up at Knob Creek April 11th, 12th or 13th.
  4. Excellent condition anti aircraft tree mount for 20 mm Lahti. One of the T handles and one recoil spring is missing. I do not have anti aircraft sights for this so what you see in the pics is what ya get. $1200 plus shipping.
  5. Early ZB 37 long tripod

    $500 FTF at the creek 10/11 - 10/13
  6. Good used M192 titanium tripod. Complete with cradle and pins. $730 shipped or $700 FTF at the Creek 10/11- 10/13
  7. Early ZB 37 long tripod

    Price drop $550 bump
  8. Early ZB 37 long tripod

    I will be at Knob Creek Thursday to Saturday if someone wants to pick up and save shipping.
  9. Russian Dshk 38/46 parts kit for sale. SOLD

    I have about 200 rounds of good clean shootable 12.7 Ammo I would sell with the kit @$5 a round.