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  1. Are you going to contact me?
  2. Send me an email: We can chat about Vince in private. I have shared much too much private info publicly Lamar. Bob
  3. Lamar, my name is Bob Miller. After Vince got out of the Marine Corps he joined the Ohio National Guard, then later on, the Army Reserve. He worked at Fort Hayes and was a member of the 718th Trans Bn, where he also worked as a civilian technician. I joined the 718th in 74 and also later became a civilian technician working with Vince. When I met Vince he was an E-7. Vince had several quick promotions, both civilian and military. He became my boss at the 718th around early 78 I believe. By then he was a warrant officer, then as you probably know, he later was commissioned. I went back on active duty and lost track of him for a while. The last I knew he was a Major and working for the Ohio National Guard again. I knew about the farm but I never made it out there. I knew his wife and kids, but again I lost track of them, especially after the divorce. That has been so many years ago! I ran into a guy that had some of Vince's rifles and he said they were friends too. His name is Pat Jarvis, do you know him? He has a huge gun collection in a pole barn east of Columbus. Vince was one smart guy. Hard working and funny too, I can still remember some of his sayings. "the food was sufficient in quality and quantity to satisfy the appetite of a small bird."
  4. Have you sold Vince's M1? I knew Vince very well, we worked together, and at one time he was my boss. Never went out to the farm though.