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  1. Pre-May Dealer Sample MG42

    Looking for a pre-May dealer sample MG42...please let me know if you have one! Thanks, Jason
  2. Removed from sale, Not Sold

    That thing is fantastic! If I can sell a couple guns near-term, I would be interested. Buddy H - the 50s advert is priceless, thanks for posting!! Wow how times change...the seller was located on Hollywood Blvd of all places, wow!
  3. HK G41 Parts Wanted

    Excellent - thank you sir, will take both if you can do both! Please let me know on PM on payment details...Thanks again!
  4. HK G41 Parts Wanted

    BTT - still looking!
  5. HK G41 Parts Wanted

    Looking for an HK G41 stock, bolthead (complete preferred, but possibly interested in as incomplete one), and trigger pack/grip. Thanks!