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  1. I’ll take them. Let me know where to send the :o. Thanks, Tom
  2. Sten Mags for sale

    I’ll take the 10 Suomi mags if still available.
  3. Nothing left. An old (May 11) post. Don’t know why it appeared again.
  4. I have 3 NOS Chinese AK barrels for sale. All are fully chrome lined and do not have the gas ports drilled. #1 $325.00 (has barrel nut) #2 $300.00 #3 $300.00 Also 3 Chinese under folding stocks. 2 with hardware $200. ea. 1 w/o hardware $135.00 Have plenty of other Chinese and European parts. Sent your wants. Money Order or Cashier's check only. Usually ship USPS flat rate box.
  5. WTB:. 20mm x 138B Ammo

    I have about 50 rounds of original ammo. A combination of mustard colored w/ white tracer, blue w/ white tracer, and plain practice. The mustard colored rounds are well Waffenampt Marked. $65. Per for all. I am in north Fla.
  6. I have a nice Lahti Cannon for sale with lots of extras. Not interested in parting out the package and buyer needs to be prepared to pick up. Gun has no issues and functions perfectly with the hand loads I make. Probably a few more extras that I have not found yet to be included. No coffin available. $16.500.
  7. WTB Lahti L39

    Hi there, I live in Jacksonville and have a Lahtim M-39 with a lot of extras that I may be interested in selling. If you would like to call and hear what I have you can catch me during the day at 388-1200 or 704-9816. Thanks, Tom
  8. WTB Lahti L39 Anti Tank Rifle Parts

    Hi there, I may have a few of the Lahti parts that you need. They are included in a spare parts set that I have two of and only need one for my Lahti. I would like to sell this as a set and am asking $600. if you might be interested. I can text or email a couple of photos if you are interested. Thanks, Tom Fort 904-388-1200 bus. days