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  1. Recent sold form 4 items to out of state dealers have been taking 2-3 months or less. Bump.
  2. Its missing the sear trip for the select fire to work. If you want the gun and silencer only $7000 plus $50. Shipping and stamps.
  3. YES. The conversion can be reversed. There is nothing cut, modified, or welded. Its simply missing the disconnector or disconnector/spring combo. So when the selector nob turns the cam shaft is not engaging to what ever its suppose to run semi. I'll have to look into it. The inexpensive part can be ordered online.
  4. Selling my S.W.D. M11/9 in the box. It runs excellent, currently in F/A per CT law. Includes Cobray marked mag loader, 2/32 rd mags, barrel cleaner rod, LAGE extended safety switch, reproduction front strap and owners manual. I can't sell the hi-capacity mags to CT residents unless there FFL or LEO. Currently on a form 4 in CT, inspections and gun located in Tolland. Looking for $7500 +shipping+stamp. Not looking for trades. Serious inquiries message me Also with popularity with LAGE uppers I could sell the gun without the upper receiver. Message me.
  5. Selling my RPB overstamp M10 w/ RPB suppressor package. The gun and suppressor is in .45, runs in excellent with any ammo you put in it. The gun has the LAGE oversize safety switch and a new aftermarket front strap recently added. The suppressor is a RPB ( non matching serial number to gun) stamped that has been upgraded by Tom Bowers to a wipless modern version and a grip-tastic was added for handling control. Included with the package is a rare Cobray camo travel bag, barrel extension, 2/30 rd mags, 1/35 rd mag, 1/10 rd mag, mag loader, reproduction manual, and the original safety switch. The gun is configured to Full Auto only per CT law. Currently on a Form 4 in CT. Looking for $7200 for the package. $6800 for just the gun and silencer. Stamps and shipping extra. 50/50 ok. I can not sell the hi capacity mags to instate CT residents unless your FFL or LEO. Serious inquiries, message me directly
  6. I'm sell a brand new Broadhead Armory M2HB package. Its a sideplate that I sent to JNC to get built to a standard M2HB. I paid extra to get the new trunion and whole inside receiver box hardened chromed. Since owning it I've never fired the gun. I'm selling the gun as a package, there is no ammo included with deal. Here is what is included: tripod, T/E, pintle, new Oysterbay barrel, 2 rear picatinny mounts ( 1 flush, 1 raised mil spec), barrel handle, flash hider, barrel bag, 2000ea. M7 links, belt linker, spare parts, headspace gauge, and manual. The only thing not installed is the bolt hold function. Its currently on a form 4 in CT and set up in F/A only. Asking $36,500 , first stamp paid and shipped to your dealer. Cash, certified funds, 50/50 ok, or other payment arrangment can be discussed. I've expanded trades that I may consider, they are transferable M60 , Hk21 or Aug trigger, Hk sear/pack, AR-15 DIAS +/- cash. Inspections and item located in Tolland, Connecticut. Contact me for any questions. 49 pic album;
  7. 1. LAGE MAX31, 9mm upper receiver /slow fire bolt package. Gen 1, fits Mac11/9mm, barely used, excellent condition, includes U.S. Machinegun Billet left folding stock, 5/72 rd suomi drum mags, 2/50 rd coffin mags, coffin mag loader, 2 piece LAGE grip, new vertical grip/ collapsible bipod,and manual. One coffin mag has a small hole drilled on one side, don't know why it was drilled, but it doesn't ruin the function of the mag. I am not breaking up the package. Because of the Hi cap mags I cant sell to CT,NY,NJ,MA unless your FLL or LEO. Looking for $1200, cash, USPS money order, or discrete PayPal +3% Shipping will be $20. Message me directly 2. LAGE MAX 10/45 upper receiver w/slow fire bolt package. Gen1 fits Mac10/.45 Used complete upper with all hardware and manual. The original front molded grip separated between the botton and front piece but was repaired with epoxy. Purchased a new K-grip from LAGE. Includes left folding LAGE stock, LAGE 2-piece molded grip w/thumb mag release, 4 different lower thumb mag release levers, and front vertical grip mono pod. Looking for $900. Shipping is $20. Cash, USPS money order, or discrete Paypal +3% message me directly
  8. WTS .50 BMG AMMO MIXED LOT@ Knob Creek

    Reduced to $900.00 obo.
  9. Selling off all my .50 cal ammo. A total of 794 rds of mixed manufactures and projectiles. All live. I will deliver FTF to Knobs Creek Friday and Saturday, 4/13-14. I can't sell to instate CT residents unless there LE or FLL. Looking to get $1000 cash for the lot. Message me for interest and contact info. Here's the breakdown. LC 86 , 4-1 , 100rds TW 4, Black Tip, 47rds linked Red Tip tracers, all loose, some possible reloads, all LC headstamp from 76-86. 3 rds are RA 53. Some rds have split necks from possible reloading. 82 rds total. LC 85. Ball, loose 6rds Dominican Republic yellow Tip. 50/56 headstamp, loose, 459 rds. Dominican Republic yellow tip. 50/60 headstamp, loose, 100 rds Having trouble uploading pics, contact me from more pics. Direct email