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  1. Comes with brand new original keys still in plastic. Case is hard sided and very sturdy. Will accept cash, check or discreet Paypal friends and family. Asking $350 plus $40 for shipping.
  2. Price drop, $500 plus $40 for shipping.
  3. Brand new old stock HK MP5SD case. Hard sided and comes with two brand new keys for the locks. Made in the 80's in W. Germany. Asking $500 plus $40 for shipping. Paypal friends and family, cash, or check only. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  4. Original H&K HK416 Carrying Case

    Price drop, $120 plus $15 for shipping.
  5. This is an original HK416 carrying case. Well made and straight from H&K in Germany. H&K Part #968244. These cases were originally made for military and police units in Norway. Will fit other rifles with similar dimensions. 95 cm long. Paypal friends and family or check accepted. Asking $150 plus $20 for shipping.
  6. This original MP5SD case came directly from storage in HK Oberndorf, Germany. It is brand new, old stock and comes with two original unused keys for the two locks on the case. This case is hard sided and resembles a briefcase. It is well made. Inside are cutouts for an MP5SD and 3 magazines. This is an original vintage item made in the 80's and very rare. $550 plus $40 for shipping.