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  1. WTB: HK21E complete parts kit

    I have a 21e feed mech, barrel, and bolt I was going to use for a project but I guess I could let them go.
  2. Piney Mountain 22LR Tracers - SUPER HARD TO FIND

    Pretty sure I paid about 30 bucks a box around 6-7 years ago. These are a great price, wish I knew they were going to be available before I paid a lot more at knob creek.
  3. WTB: STEN machine gun, FL resident

    I have a nice sten on a form 4 in Texas tube gun. Send me a message if you are interested
  4. Transferable Uzi for sale

    I have a transferable Uzi for sale by S. & S. arms co. sitting on a form 4 here in Texas. will include 30-60 mags. bought a case of 50 at one time. just need to located them all. also have the sweet blue hard to find uzi bag. asking 12500 and ill cover the first stamp out, or only stamp if you are in texas I am a licensed dealer here in Texas but this fun will go out on a form 4 text me for any questions or call if you are a serious buyer Mike 210-508-9192
  5. Two Mac 11a1s for sale

  6. Two Mac 11a1s for sale

    Have two Mac 11a1's for sale on a form 4 in Texas. I am a ffl/sot and these are both my personal guns first one is is a R.P.B industries inc. mac 11 in great condition and I will include a R.P.B industries inc .380 cal suppressor for free if the buyer pays the stamps. great condition, nothing wrong with it and ill include a few mags with it. 7500 second one is a S. W. Daniel inc gun. has a little issue with it, hence why the cheap price. im not really a gunsmith so this could be an easy fix and i just wouldnt know it. Has a little wiggle in the sear hole. put a zip tie in it and it runs great. asking 6500 for it. comes with a few mags. easiest way to contact me would be by text. 210-508-9192 Mike
  7. I have two uppers for sale for a mac 11. These are very rare and hard to find . Last one i saw on gunbroker sold for 1150 about 6 months ago. only know that because i was the one to buy it. bought them with the intention on buying a mac 11 but never got around to it. asking 1000 each.
  8. Mac 11a1 600- pretty rough condition mac 10-1000 good condition uzi- crazy rare, have only seen one for sale in the past 10 years. 2500 hk mp5k- 4000 obviously guns are not included in this price text for any questions 210-508-9192
  9. I’ll take this. Sending you an email
  10. WTB 20mm Lahti Barrel

    Looking for a barrel. Decommissioned or live. Can have someone pick it up at knob creek or pay for shipping. Thanks MJT
  11. M16a1 Color

    It’s your gun. Have fun with it. I’ve ruined the value of many guns by spray painting them. But it makes me happy. Do whatever makes you happy.
  12. WTB M60

    I have two very nice rock islands. Not really up with the prices but would consider getting rid of one
  13. WTB Lahti L39 Barrel

    If you end up getting it made. I’ll take one also. Might be cheaper getting two made
  14. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    If Taylor passes on that. I would be interested
  15. I’m interested if this is still available. Cash ready to go.
  16. Help me find my unicorn piece. Will offer a finder fee if someone can find me one for a decent price already have the transferable sear for it. Looking for a host
  17. Wtb Hk51B. Mini belt fed. My unicorn gun

    email sent. appreciate it Aaron
  18. Wtb Hk51B. Mini belt fed. My unicorn gun

    Yea I talked to Jeff. We are just having trouble finding parts. I know it’s a long shot to find a complete gun but who knows. I’ve seen sturm do some wild things.
  19. AVT 40 pros and cons

    I’ve been searching for an AVT 40 for a couple of years now with no luck. Multiple people have told me to stay away from them. Those of y’all who have owned one or have handled one. Can you give me some pros and cons.
  20. I have a transferable Iver Johnson M2 carbine for sale or for trade. Ive run a few mags through it and it ran great. Just looking for something different. On a F3 ready to be transferred out. Asking 7500 obo. Will gladly add cash to trade up. Feel free to text me if it’s easier 210-508-9192