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  1. WTB. Premay machineguns

    I have a really nice pre may star pistol. shoot me a text if interested 210-508-9192
  2. Transferable Aug Sear and A1 Aug

    BUMP! will consider all offers or trade for crypto currency
  3. Fleming Hk sear sitting on a form 3 ready to transfer out. its installed in a SEF pack with a 9mm ejector. have tested it in my MP5 and it runs great. have also inspected the actual sear and its in great condition! 34k have plenty of people who can vouch for me if you are hesitant. Text me at 210-508-9192 Mike Tawil TT ARMS

    I have one coming in this week on a f3. Shoot me a text 210-508-9192 mike
  5. 6 M50 reising mags.

    These are all sold!
  6. Voere Sam-180, Grendel P-30

    Interesting. I’ll take it. I’ll send you a pm
  7. Voere Sam-180, Grendel P-30

    Does the 10/22 Thompson take a normal 10/22 bolt and pack? Wondering if I can drop my registered parts in there. If so I’ll take it
  8. 6 M50 reising mags.

    I’d be giving you one of the 150s for free not the 250s
  9. 6 M50 reising mags.

    Can’t beat that deal!
  10. 6 M50 reising mags.

    Buy four get one free 810 shipped
  11. 6 M50 reising mags.

    Hey Ben! I sold one of the 30 rounders. Everything else is still available
  12. i have 6 m50 reising mags for sale. 4 of them appear to be 30 rounders and two of them are factory 20 rounders. would love to sell as a package 30 rounders im asking 150 20 rounders im asking 250 these are both obo pm me or text me offers 210-508-9192
  13. Transferable Aug Sear and A1 Aug

    Item is now on a form 3 ready to transfer!
  14. Trasnferable Colt Thompson

    item is now on a form 3 ready to transfer! sold
  15. Trasnferable Colt Thompson

    sold sold sold Have this beautiful Colt model 1921 Thompson for sale. ive only shot it once in all the years of owning it and it ran flawlessly. Belonged to the Warren Ohio Police Department as you can tell by their amazing engraving on the receiver. this gun was one of my personal guns before I became an SOT. About 60 days ago I submitted the f4 to transfer it to my SOT so it should be ready to f3 to your dealer any day now. ITEM is now on a form 3 ready to transfer ive been told its worth over 40K but i know the thompson market is a little low right now. Asking 38k obo. Would be interested in trades if its slightly in my favor All colt internals and can text more photos Mike TT ARMS 210-508-9192