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  1. WTB old maxim suppressor

    Up up up
  2. Like the title says. All on a form 4. RIA m60 registered receiver 45k - pending Qualified aug sear with a1 host 28k Colt 1921 AC Thompson. All original parts - 45k will gladly text photos or post some later once I get a chance. text for a faster response 210-508-9192 have sold a ton of transferables on here with plenty of people who can vouch. These are my personal guns on a form 4. I am a 07/02 SOT as well.
  3. Colt Thompson Price help

    I have a very nice colt thompson that I am looking to part with. It has been sitting in my safe for a couple of years and the one time I shot it, it ran flawlessly. only issue is I havent kept up with the going rates of them. it is a auto ordinance corp/ colt 1921. looks like it belonged to the city of warren police department. Was planning to put it in an auction but would love if some of yall could give me an idea of what it is worth. sitting on a form 4 in Texas sorry about the photo quality. taken with my phone
  4. WTB old maxim suppressor

    To the top!
  5. got some transferables for sale here in Texas. some are on a form 4 some are on a form 3. 10/22 pack in great condition in a rare stainless pack-f4 20k (pending) anm2 in a nice anti aircraft setup- f4- 20k browning hi power- made by hard times armory. 1 of 5 made. runs very well with an incredible rate of fire. f3 100k polytech ak in 556. on a form 3. 20k (pending) bunch of others, will update with photos and more guns once i have time feel free to text if you have questions 210-508-9192 Mike
  6. WTB old maxim suppressor

  7. Can you email me photos.
  8. WTB old maxim suppressor

    Looking to buy a maxim suppressor for my personal collection. Know they are hard to find. mike 210-508-9192
  9. WTB: HK21E complete parts kit

    I have a 21e feed mech, barrel, and bolt I was going to use for a project but I guess I could let them go.
  10. Piney Mountain 22LR Tracers - SUPER HARD TO FIND

    Pretty sure I paid about 30 bucks a box around 6-7 years ago. These are a great price, wish I knew they were going to be available before I paid a lot more at knob creek.
  11. WTB: STEN machine gun, FL resident

    I have a nice sten on a form 4 in Texas tube gun. Send me a message if you are interested
  12. Transferable Uzi for sale

    I have a transferable Uzi for sale by S. & S. arms co. sitting on a form 4 here in Texas. will include 30-60 mags. bought a case of 50 at one time. just need to located them all. also have the sweet blue hard to find uzi bag. asking 12500 and ill cover the first stamp out, or only stamp if you are in texas I am a licensed dealer here in Texas but this fun will go out on a form 4 text me for any questions or call if you are a serious buyer Mike 210-508-9192
  13. Two Mac 11a1s for sale