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  1. I’ll take this. Sending you an email
  2. WTB 20mm Lahti Barrel

    Looking for a barrel. Decommissioned or live. Can have someone pick it up at knob creek or pay for shipping. Thanks MJT
  3. M16a1 Color

    It’s your gun. Have fun with it. I’ve ruined the value of many guns by spray painting them. But it makes me happy. Do whatever makes you happy.
  4. WTB M60

    I have two very nice rock islands. Not really up with the prices but would consider getting rid of one
  5. WTB Lahti L39 Barrel

    If you end up getting it made. I’ll take one also. Might be cheaper getting two made
  6. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    If Taylor passes on that. I would be interested
  7. I’m interested if this is still available. Cash ready to go.
  8. Wtb Hk51B. Mini belt fed. My unicorn gun

    email sent. appreciate it Aaron
  9. Wtb Hk51B. Mini belt fed. My unicorn gun

    Yea I talked to Jeff. We are just having trouble finding parts. I know it’s a long shot to find a complete gun but who knows. I’ve seen sturm do some wild things.
  10. Help me find my unicorn piece. Will offer a finder fee if someone can find me one for a decent price already have the transferable sear for it. Looking for a host
  11. AVT 40 pros and cons

    I’ve been searching for an AVT 40 for a couple of years now with no luck. Multiple people have told me to stay away from them. Those of y’all who have owned one or have handled one. Can you give me some pros and cons.

    I have one I was about to list on gun broker. I paid a pretty penny for it because of the condition. Not sure what they go for