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  1. Reising 50 on form 3. price drop 8k click on links for photos
  2. Reising 50 on form 3. price drop 8k

    bump with price drop to 8k. text for photos. trying to figure out how to post some. super clean gun
  3. really neat piece of Texas history for sale and one of my favorite shooters low serial number .45 reising that was donated back in 1943. wood is in perfect condition with no issues or major imperfections. I can easily form 3 it to your dealer 8K and it comes with two mags Text me if you would like additional photos at 210-508-9192 Michael Tawil TT ARMS
  4. Briefcase sold! lahti sold!
  5. Yes. Have a few people who have messaged me but no commitments
  6. Bunch of stuff for sale. I am a dealer in Austin. Sold- lahti with 3-4 mags and a few rounds of ammo on a form 4 in Texas. Don’t really wanna ship. 15k- sold trw m79 on a form 3. 10k Sold- hk 51b. Not a vollmer gun. Recently went through by mike Otto from Michael’s machines. Runs great and well built according to him. 15k plus shipping have a pre may star pistol on a form 3 in .38 super. Runs very well and has never given me an issue. 25k plus shipping. Form 3 Sold-mp5k briefcase. I believe it’s an authentic German one. Can send detailed photos to interested parties. 4K -sold Will accept cash, cashiers check, crypto Mike TT Arms text me at 210-508-9192
  7. Selling "No Law Letter" Guns?

    If he is interested in selling everything at once shoot me a pm
  8. American 180 Prices

    I sold one last week for 14.5. Got plenty of messages about it also.
  9. Just a few barrels left!
  10. Transferable HK DLO Pack form 3

    both dlo pack and mm23e are SPF
  11. WTB VLTOR PKM receiver

    There is one on gunbroker right now. I also have some available.
  12. Here is a chance to own one of the most sought after machine guns on the market. This HK DLO pack is in perfect condition and ready to drop into your favorite HK machine gun. The pack is on a form 3 in Texas and ready to be shipped out. Inspection is allowed with proper appointment. Looking for 44k. Also if the buyer would like a Michael Machine Hk 23e I can hook them up with one for below market value Call or text 210-508-9192 Mike Tawil TT Arms (serial number blocked out in photo)
  13. I was able to get in a couple of these really nice barrels. They are old surplus American made com bloc Chrome lined barrels. Really nice and 100% complete with gas block, flash hider, carry handle and front sight. Throw it in your PKM and you are ready to shoot. These are almost impossible to find right now and are bringing 2500-3k on gunbroker. Figure I would offer them here first. asking 2000 per barrel and have 10 available also have Vltor receivers in stock as well. (will update with better photos once I get back to the shop) shoot me a text if you are interested. 210-508-9192 Mike Tawil TT Arms
  14. WTB transferable M16, MP5, MP5K, MP5K

    Hey Charles I have a transferable DLO pack that will be available on form 3 any day. text me if you are interested 210-508-9192