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  1. Wolf steel case 7.62x39

    please withdraw former post
  2. WTS 1928 West Hurley Thompson

    sent a pm John
  3. WTS Phoenix Armory m14

    toddeccles, check your email. pics sent yesterday. John
  4. WTS Phoenix Armory m14

    Springfield gun, Phoenix Armory listed as manufacturer. Not a reweld. Bought this in 1996 and have maybe 500 rounds through it. Currently in E2 stock with E2 brake. NICE condition with low rounds. would like to get 12.5k out of it. Email if pics not included (not sure if they uploaded or not)
  5. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    can't seem to find it. relatively new to site.
  6. WTS: AC556K, Mac 11-9 Suppressor $300/10500

    any interest in trading for a springfield armory m14 in e2 stock? lmk, John
  7. WTS: HK21 Complete Stock $450

    will take the trigger pack pm sent