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  1. I sold an MK 760 to Ruben last year. He send me a box and packing material along with a pre addressed label. Might be a good idea to do that in the future unless the seller is a proven dependable shipper.
  2. I have one of these M1A1’s it runs like a sewing machine.
  3. WTS MP44 magazine

    Send to
  4. WTS MP44 magazine

    Any pics of the magazine?? Do you have multiples of this same one??
  5. WTS: MP-44 Mags

    Sent you an email...Vin
  6. WTB : MP40 amnesty registered, C&R

    There is one on GB all matching in nice condition you might be interested in.
  7. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    I will take it...sent you a pm
  8. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Do you still have the 38/42 parts kit??
  9. Transferables, Beretta 38, Thompson, Norell AK22

    sent you a pm about the beretta's
  10. WTB MP40 Sling

    Sent you a pm
  11. WTS: Transferable ERMA C&R MP40 $15,995

    Is this gun still for sale??
  12. Hi...what year did you purchase this gun from brp I'm asking cuz there were changes made after '08 I believe. Also is that a nos Thompson barrel and cutts thx
  13. Does the 15 round magazine law come into play?? tia
  14. Potential Scam Accounts

    Be careful on this one...This add is on the backpage in phoenix and also listed on gunbroker with completely different contact information. I don't know which one is legit. This add is also on backpage with the same contact info