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  1. WTB Type 96 LMG ORIGINAL parts/accessories

    Yes sir please let me know what you have available? My email is mw@rockwallhonda.com
  2. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

    Ken I am interested in barrels and double barrel carrier. Please email me photos of all so I can see WaA numbers and manufacturing info my email is mw@rockwallhonda.com
  3. Please send pics of MG 08/15 and MG81 matching.very interested. I am new to the sturmgewehr I am so sorry if I sent a a lot of repeat emails thanks
  4. Mr Todd I am interested in the MG 08/15 and your Mg 81 matching set how amazing please send pictures of all three MG thank you for your time
  5. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

    Sorry you need my email I am new . mw@rockwallhonda.com
  6. Mg34 saddle drum top cover

    I own a reproduction trommelhalter.I can compare mine.I am interested in a original.please send pics thanks
  7. Interested in any and all ORIGINAL type 96 LMG parts and/or accessories that you would be willing to part with. More specifically, i am in need of an original 2.5x optic sight for type 96 LMG. Serious sellers only, please. -1944MG42