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  1. Yes. The biggest problem is I dont have a Spitfire to mount it on, and it seems to run best on a really solid mount. All the test firing has been off that FN30 tripod shown in the video.
  2. Bump. Open to offers.
  3. Bump with test video and updated price
  4. Value of a Sionics M14 suppressor?

    Thanks for that suggestion. I had looked on gunbroker but had not seen any. Ill look deeper. And thanks for the idea on the auctions Mike, Ill take a look at them as well.
  5. Im working with a customer that has a Sionics M14 suppressor that he got from an estate. He wanted to adapt it to fit his bolt rifle, but I have talked him down off that ledge. I have someone who is interested in it, but I have no idea what it is worth. I know they are rare and sought after, but Im struggling to find some kind of benchmark to set pricing on. Has anyone seen one sold lately, or know what is reasonable for one?
  6. bump with update on condition.
  7. Looking for parts for a British MK II * Browning Mostly looking for a bolt or bolt parts, including the .303 extractor assembly. But if available I may need some other parts too Working on rebuilding a gun for a customer.