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  1. Value of a Sionics M14 suppressor?

    Thanks for that suggestion. I had looked on gunbroker but had not seen any. Ill look deeper. And thanks for the idea on the auctions Mike, Ill take a look at them as well.
  2. Im working with a customer that has a Sionics M14 suppressor that he got from an estate. He wanted to adapt it to fit his bolt rifle, but I have talked him down off that ledge. I have someone who is interested in it, but I have no idea what it is worth. I know they are rare and sought after, but Im struggling to find some kind of benchmark to set pricing on. Has anyone seen one sold lately, or know what is reasonable for one?
  3. bump with update on condition.
  4. Looking for parts for a British MK II * Browning Mostly looking for a bolt or bolt parts, including the .303 extractor assembly. But if available I may need some other parts too Working on rebuilding a gun for a customer.
  5. Yes, Ill update the post, We have 4 non-chromed and 1 chromed at the moment.
  6. For Sale is a 1940 MKII* BSA Browning Aircraft gun UPDATE 12/11/19 The gun has been completed and is operating. The rust on the gun has been removed to a large extent via cathodic rust removal, not mechanical means. The markings look good, a few that were not visible before are now apparent. The gun is currently cleaned and oiled, but no refinishing or sandblasting has been done to it. In acquiring the parts to complete it, we gathered a lot of spares that will be included (spare barrels, bolts, extractors, lock frames, top covers, back plates and at least one spare barrel extension. Also a new flash hider cone and feed pawls). Both the side trigger for the firing pin and the bottom trigger for the bolt are now present. The gun functions and we have run 3 rounds through it at a time until I can get some .303 links to test with. Once we get links Ill put up a test video. Considering the dirt that I pulled out from behind the feed pawl in the receiver and out of the lock frame, it seems more and more likely that this was recovered from an aircraft that ended up in the water somewhere. I am trying to find what kind of aircraft it would have been in and will update that if I can find out. Gun is not complete, and the finish is beyond poor. Detailed pictures are available of the components. The gun is covered in a total coat of rust, but markings are still visible, including stampings on parts. See picture below for a cleaned part with stamping. Gun appears to be missing the bolt, back plate and side trigger assembly. Top cover, accelerator lock frame (correct one for open bolt operation) and barrel are present. The gun was amnesty registered by the current owner and they never pursued the parts to complete it. We estimate $1500 to purchase the parts to complete the gun. The rust on the gun leans towards having been recovered from water, along with damage to the booster, a dent in the barrel jacket and a separated case found in the chamber. The top cover has a slight bend that appears to be similar to those encountered in case head separations we have experienced in M1919s. Little attempts have been made to clean the gun beyond oil and rags. The top cover feed shuttle was cleaned via cathodic rust removal to determine the viability of the recovery of the rest of the gun. As the picture shows, Pitting is present, but in all cases seen so far, the structure of the metal is still sound and workable. Asking $20,000 as a starting price. We are taking reasonable offers. We have done the research on the needed parts and can help with completing the gun if there is interest on the behalf of any interested parties. Gun is complete and operating.
  7. FS: JA Ciener MP5 - $22.5K

    Bump. Price reduced