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  1. Factory new Sig MK25 9mm handgun with case, night sights and three 15rd magazines. $25 shipping to FFL. CC and PP G&S add 3%.
  2. WTS: Colt M16A1 $22,500

  3. Factory new Heckler Koch MR762A1 with custom cerakote, Safariland soft case, Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm with TMR Reticle(#115943) in Spuhr #SP4026 Mount, HK Tool and 20rd Magazine. Texas residents add 8.25%. CC and PP add 3%. Shipping $30.
  4. WTS: Colt M16A1 $22,500

  5. WTS: M60 Kit $4500

    Great condition M60 Kit almost complete. What you see is what you get. Trunion is 70%. Questions or specific photos, email Shipping $30.
  6. Factory New 7.5" Battle Arms Development Paratrooper chambered in 300blk. $2700 Factory New 10.5" Colt LE6991 chambered in 9mm. $1000 Factory New 8.5" LWRC IC-PSD chambered in 5.56. $1700 Factory New Primary Weapon Systems 7" MK107 chambered in 7.62x39. $1550 All weapons on Form 3's ready for EFile. Shipping is $30.
  7. WTS: Colt M16A1 $22,500

    Excellent condition Colt Manufacturing M16A1 currently on a Form 4 in Texas, $22,500. Buyer responsible for shipping and taxes.
  8. Unfired Military Armament Corporation out of Powder Springs, GA chambered in .45acp. Comes with one magazine and original box. Buyer responsible for shipping and stamps.
  9. WTS: Collection of Transferables

    One weapon left.
  10. WTS: Collection of Transferables

  11. WTS: Post Samples and SBR's $1425-$7025

  12. Factory new LWRC IC-PSD SBR, $1725 shipped. Factory new PWS MK107 in 7.62x39 SBR, $1525 shipped. Brand new custom AR 5.56 SBR, SOLD. Excellent condition FN SCAR 16S 10.5" SBR, SOLD. Excellent condition RDTS H&K MP5SD HE SBR, $9025 shipped. Factory Original DSA SA58OSW Post Sample, $1725 shipped. Demo Letter Required Factory Orginal Norinco M14 Post Sample, SOLD. All firearms listed are on Form 3's. Questions:
  13. WTS: H&K MP5SD SBR $7,000

    Still Available
  14. Pristine condition H&K MP5SD SBR by Ralph at RDTS. SBR is on a Form 3 while the suppressor is on a 4. Suppressor was repacked while at RDTS. This weapon does not come with a trigger pack. Tax stamp will be at buyers expense. $7,000. Shipping will be $30.
  15. *** READ THIS *** You MUST have a full auto M16 Machine Gun (NOT AN AR15 or DIAS) in order to use the AM15 UPPER RECEIVER. ============================================================== The AM15 full auto UPPER RECEIVER allows you to shoot unmodified .22LR American 180 drums, in either 165 round or 275 round capacity on YOUR M16 host receiver. The full auto AM15 upper receiver conversion is a BATF APPROVED OPEN BOLT drum fed .22LR rimfire caliber conversion that ejects through the AR mag well. It uses Colt Light Machine Gun style open bolt fire control parts, which are included with the AM15 conversion. The AM15 conversion will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. It WILL NOT work with drop-in auto sears or with lightning links. The AM15 Upper Receiver comes standard with a billet machined quad mount ventilated barrel rail system which will allow the user to install any optional AR accessories of their choice on either of the 4 different mounting rails. The full auto 9.5 inch barrel is threaded 1/2x28-.400 and will accept AR flashhiders or full auto rated suppressors. The complete AM15 Upper Receiver assembly, open bolt fire control parts, recoil buffer assembly, along with one plastic 165 rd drum with stainless steel base plate installed, winder and barrel with quad rail and no sights. This unit was test fired(30 rounds). Shipping $25.