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  1. Beretta 93R parts

  2. Beretta 93R parts

  3. Beretta 93R parts

    Parts from demilled 93Rs do exist as well as new parts. I actually have a NIB front grip and related parts that I purchased on this website years ago. I'm looking for any parts or leads that you might have. I'm also looking for anyone who can provide detailed measurements of the gun.
  4. I'm looking for the following firearms: M11 9mm, must be SWD manufactured. M12 380, I prefer SWD but open to others. The going rate (guns that sold this week on gunbroker) for a good example seems to be $350 each shipped so that is my approximate price point. I need these for a project I'm doing but I just keep missing the auctions by accident. That's quite annoying so I figured it would not hurt to post here. Please let me know if you have a lead or one you might sell. John