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  1. Case for MK46

    Good morning, Form 3 finally arrived on my MK 46 and I am looking for a good case to transport it in. I know Pelican makes the 472-PWC for it but most places want 450.00+ for it. I am certain the IM3300 pelican will fit it as well. Does anyone have any cases (soft case or hard case) that is solid quality for about $200-250? Seeking advices from fellow gun guys/gals!! Thanks in advance.
  2. WTB M27 SAW Links

    @Albert thank you!
  3. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    Are these still available?
  4. WTB M27 SAW Links

    Good day, I am looking for once fired M27 SAW links. I know they are already on sale at various places but looking for anyone looking to get rid of 5000ct under 200.00. Thanks in advance Steve
  5. WTB Machine Guns, Pay Cash, Arizona Dealer

    PM sent
  6. WTB UMP 40 or G36C

    @ Booney, PM sent.
  7. WTB UMP 40 or G36C

    PM sent!
  8. Looking for a 1942-1945 WWII era stamped M1 Garand rifle in good condition or better. Please be reasonable with offer. Thank you in advance. Steve Gonos 2A Tactical LLC Gilbert AZ 602-723-6539
  9. WTB UMP 40 or G36C

    Thank you. Edited.
  10. Potential Scam Accounts

    Can we get a list of reputable dealers so we can steer working with them?
  11. WTB UMP 40 or G36C

    I am looking for a UMP-40 and/or G36C for sale. PD demo letter and funds are not an issue for reasonable price. Feel free to contact me via email or phone. Thank you in advance. Steve G 2A Tactical LLC Gilbert AZ 602-723-6539
  12. WTS: Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 $3495.00

    Good evening, Still very interested in those items we spoke of. Email was sent again. Steve G
  13. WTS: Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 $3495.00

    Email sent.