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  1. Wanted SWR trident adapters

    Looking to buy all the adapters for the SWR trident , except the 13.5x1 LH . Send me a message here or text me 206-495-5150 to arrange a time to talk. Regards, Troy
  2. John Ulicki : Reference Check

    Myron ? Troy here ..send me your new phone numbers to my mailbox here or messsge me in my phone number . I think you have new numbers because your old ones don’t work anymore.
  3. Delete

    Does anyone know how to contact Myron Moore these days? I used to be a customer of his from back in the early 1990’s all the way to 2011. The last I know of him he was still selling at the bigger shows on the west coast and knob creek . Please send any info to my mailbox on this site. I’ve lost his phone numbers . Regards, Troy
  4. Unfired 3-GUN HK Pkg, MP5,HK51,HK53,TDyer/Qualified

    Would you consider trade on a resto mod ls3 powered 1985 BJ73 Land Cruiser built by Torfab in Everett Wa. ? It was Featured in Toyota owners magazine this year. Over 90k spent on building it . A few pics of it in the link below. https://pin.it/atjrbmm57vgalh
  5. WTB SWR Trident adapters

    I have misplaced my three lug adapter for my 9mm trident can . I would like to buy a 1/2x28 with and without shock absorber and also a three lug quick connection adapter for my can. I still have the LH adapter for my Sig , but would prefer to have the three lug or 1/2 x28 minimum adapters for my HK MP5K. Regards, Troy
  6. WTB Robinson M96 parts

    I am wanting to buy Robinson Armament M96 parts. Barrels , accessories , etc. I currently own a recon version and would love to find more spares for it. Let me know what you have . regards, Troy 206-495-5150