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  1. WTS: M60 Operating Rods - NIW

    Im in for two in the next batch.
  2. WTS: M7 Grenade Launcher - SOLD

    I’ll take it. Add it on to my invoice please.
  3. WTB sig 556 SBR

    PM inbound.
  4. WTB: MAG-58 feed trays.

    PM sent.
  5. WTB: MAG-58 feed trays.

    I’m looking for a couple MAG58 feed trays. Just the lower feed tray, not the top cover. Maybe some one who has been converting the MAG’s to M240 configuration would have a few. Looking for 4-6.
  6. WTB M60 barrels.

    Yes. Still looking for more.
  7. WTB M60 barrels.

    Hello, I’m looking for a couple M60 barrels. Prefer the “standard” barrels with bipod. Let me know what you have.
  8. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    I do not have any info on this gun, however I too live in Minnesota and there are “welded” C&R guns. They are usually De-Wats that have been deactivated. There were a lot of 1919’s that had some kind of cutting or welding on the right plate that came out of the movie prop house in CA that are C&R.
  9. WTB: Boys Anti Tank gun in .55

    Message sent.
  10. WTB: Boys Anti Tank gun in .55

    Keep me posted. More reasonable is better but I’d also like an authentic one.
  11. WTB: Boys Anti Tank gun in .55

    I’m looking for a Boys AT gun .55 caliber. Not looking for a 50BMG. Let me know what you have. Thanks, -Tony
  12. WTB: LMT 40mm M203 standalone chassis

    I have one, not sure if it’s LMT or what brand. Send me a message, I’ll send some pics. Open to offers or trade.
  13. WTB-LMT M203’s

    Looking for a couple 12” LMT clamp mount 40mm M203’s. Would consider other variations. -Tony
  14. WTB- LMT M203

    Looking for a couple M203’s. Prefer clamp mount 12” but will consider others. -Tony
  15. delete

    Message sent. I’ll take all 5