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  1. Message sent. I’ll take all 5
  2. I’m looking for a Mk1 Bren kit. Live barrel preferred but not required. Let me know what you have one for sale.
  3. Hello, I’d like to buy a set of the German MG-08 replica armor that IMA used to sell. Please call 507-451-0628
  4. Cetme LC Factory SBR

    I have a factory Cetme LC SBR just in. Save yourself the trouble, extra markings, not to mention worry of having your info on a gun if you sell it by doing your own SBR. This gun came from Marcolmar as a factory SBR ready to roll with “Marcolmar” on the form 3 as the manufacture. E-file form 3 ready to go. $1,750 plus $35 freight.
  5. I have a few of these old SA24 kits with good original barrels. These make a great semi or post sample build with an 80% receiver. $250 each. Multiple available, pictures are a representation. No credit card fees.
  6. Steyr MPi 69 parts kit

    You can call me at 507-461-xx28. ill dig out the star Z 70. I recall it has an original barrel.
  7. Steyr MPi 69 parts kit

    Yes it is. MPi SPF to “LA Actor”
  8. Yup. I get that. We had a lot of “I’ll take it” emails as well. I need to focus on getting them shipped and see what inventory is left before we take on any more sales.
  9. Hang tight everyone. I’ve been flooded with messages. Working my way through them with picture. I have about 50 messages. Some of you please save us some time. We know what we have. You won’t be buying anything for 50%. There will be fair deals and opportunity to get some thing that are almost impossible to find. If you think you’re going to get a rare 1500 dollar kit for 300 save everyone’s time please. Thank you for the interest.
  10. Hang tight everyone. I’ve been flooded with messages. Working my way through them with picture. Thank you for the interest.
  11. Hello, I have pulled the ad for now because of overwhelming response. if you sent me a message and you don’t hear back I may have missed it. Send another and I’ll keep working through the ones I have. Thank you for your understanding. -Tony
  12. Steyr MPi 69 parts kit. Old Demil with original barrel. Looks to be matching numbers. $800 Postal Money Order.
  13. I have a nice Russian RPD kit. Matching numbers, original barrel. It is cut long behind the locking lugs for an easy reweld into either semi or a post sample. Message for more pictures. Asking $1,750.00
  14. Hello, I have a nice LS-26 M26 kit for sale. Old Demil. Includes original barrel and receiver sections to do a nice reweld for an 07/sot. Message for more pictures Looking for $1,750.00 I’m helping a friend sell about 100 kits. Many old kits like this. Stay tuned for more. Postal Money order and shipping is flat 40 bucks.
  15. I’ll take the flash hider. PM sent.