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  1. It is the receiver. Taking care of a RR means keeping the buffer in good condition and shooting 115gr FMJ as prescribed by the manual.
  2. This is an Intratec KG-99 converted to the KG-9 open bolt configuration by the Alltech corporation in Scottsdale, AZ. I purchased this from Ruben last year and am pleased with it. I'm a bit of a speed demon though and would like to get something that runs even faster (perhaps a Mini Uzi)! In the last image, it's hard to see, there's some slight corrosion under the sling mounts, presumably from a previous sling rubbing there. Comes with the factory foregrip, muzzle brake, and two factory magazines (20 and 30 round). (withdrawn) Please post, PM, John W.
  3. And this time it's mine. What can you do about flakes, eh?