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  1. It is the receiver. Taking care of a RR means keeping the buffer in good condition and shooting 115gr FMJ as prescribed by the manual.
  2. This is an Intratec KG-99 converted to the KG-9 open bolt configuration by the Alltech corporation in Scottsdale, AZ. I purchased this from Ruben last year and am pleased with it. I'm a bit of a speed demon though and would like to get something that runs even faster (perhaps a Mini Uzi)! In the last image, it's hard to see, there's some slight corrosion under the sling mounts, presumably from a previous sling rubbing there. Comes with the factory foregrip, muzzle brake, and two factory magazines (20 and 30 round). I'm looking for $8,750 shipped, insured, to your dealer via Form 4. Please post, PM, or leave a message at my office: 804-272-9351 John W.
  3. And this time it's mine. What can you do about flakes, eh?