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  1. You Rock!!! I will keep my word. I will take it. Please send payment instructions. PM to follow. Oscar C. Texas
  2. H&K original bipod

    Put me down for seconds. If no one tells you "I will take it" Then I will. Oscar C. Texas
  3. I have G36 parts to sell. What 249 parts do you have? I need a semi grip assembly, closed bolt rails, top cover and feed tray, Bolt locking lever. Thanks, never could find a mag well so quit looking. Oscar C. Texas
  4. WTS: M240 Topcover (Complete)

    Loved the semi parts. Would you consider shipping for $450? Oscar C. Texas
  5. WTS: Vector Uzi $1750

    I will take a 1919 rhsp if avail? PM coming Oscar C. Texas
  6. "Need" and 249 handguard. PM sent Oscar C. Texas
  7. I will take the 249 if still available. Will send PM to follow with my contact info. I left CA in 90 just before the first ban. Know the feeling. Oscar C. Texas
  8. I will take one. MO on the way monday. Will send tracking info. Oscar Cantu
  9. I will take a set of 4. Please send payment instructions. Oscar C. Texas
  10. I Will take one. Please send payment instructions. Oscar Cantu San Antonio, TX
  11. I will take it. Im in Texas. Please send me payment instructions. Thanks
  12. Hello, I will take it. Please send me a pm with your address and I will get it to you. Oscar C. Alamoville, TX
  13. WTS: P08 Lugers "SOLD"

    PM Sent, Any photos on older Luger?
  14. Just a heads up for you fence sitters. Mit is a standup guy and these are honest pictures. He has bad ass taste in all things HK!!!
  15. I will take it. Can use CC but not paypal? The card is declined every time with PP. Let me know Oscar C. San Antonio