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  1. I will take one. MO on the way monday. Will send tracking info. Oscar Cantu
  2. I will take a set of 4. Please send payment instructions. Oscar C. Texas
  3. I Will take one. Please send payment instructions. Oscar Cantu San Antonio, TX
  4. I will take it. Im in Texas. Please send me payment instructions. Thanks
  5. Hello, I will take it. Please send me a pm with your address and I will get it to you. Oscar C. Alamoville, TX
  6. WTS: P08 Lugers "SOLD"

    PM Sent, Any photos on older Luger?
  7. Just a heads up for you fence sitters. Mit is a standup guy and these are honest pictures. He has bad ass taste in all things HK!!!
  8. I will take it. Can use CC but not paypal? The card is declined every time with PP. Let me know Oscar C. San Antonio
  9. I will take it if you can ship to my ffl holder. He accepts from individuals if you send your driver's license and it matches the address shipped from. Oscar Cantu, TX
  10. Here are some more. NVG5151 is the model. Google it for info on Israeli surplus.
  11. OK, I guess the battery is the hardest part and it is included. These fire up and are working. Needs new battery as the battery is becoming weak. All complete with inspection history, original padding, case and strap. For the militaria or "Silence of the Lambs" movie buffs. Spend 3 years looking for these now I have 3. Price includes shipping. Will take PP if you pay the fee or a postal money order. Can accept CC if you pay the fee. THANKS BUDDY!!!!