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  1. I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you so late. I am have been out of town for some time and arrived back this weekend and just started gong through my un-responded emails. It is a very long story but I did not have access to email servers outside of the system I was using. The PSG rifle parts are all sold and no longer available, I thought I had undated the listing before I had left so sorry about not having that information updated for everyone.
  2. Tried to update pictures. Preview still not showing in post, please click on all images to see actual pictures. Thank you
  3. For sale is complete a HK PSG-1 Clone Parts Kit. The complete kit can be purchased together as a complete rifle packaget or just the individual assembly groups. This is a complete kit. As everyone knows, replacement parts for the HK PSG-1’s are limited and as production for these rifles have been reduced significantly. Thank you. For those that are interested in purchasing the whole kit, please contact me for pricing. Complete Kit will include the follow assembly groups and parts. -HK Hensoldt ZF PSG-1 6x42-$SOLD -Complete PSG-1 Barreled Receiver Group from a converted Greek Import SAR8-$SOLD (Barreled Receiver Group includes: Schnieder Polygonal rifled 1/10 PSG-1 Barrel, LEO Marked Rails, Rare PSG-1 Scope Mount, and PSG-1 Cocking Tube Assembly) -Factory HK PSG-1 Complete Trigger Group=$SOLD (Original HK Factory Components) -Factory HK PSG-1 Stock Group=$SOLD (Original HK Factory Components) -Factory HK PSG-1 Handguard=$SOLD (Original HK Factory Components) -Factory HK PSG-1 Bipod Assembly=$SOLD (Original HK Factory Components) Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  4. USMC M40A1 with USO MST-100 Scope

    Price Reduction BTT
  5. Norinco NDM-86 Dragunov SVD 7.62x54R

    Price Reduction BTT
  6. Offered for sale is a beautiful and correct USMC M40A1 built to the USMC, Quantico - RTE/Precision Weapon Shop build procedure to the same specs the PWS 2112 Armours did from 1980 to 1999. The rifle is 1/4 MOA with Blackhills 175gr SMK Match ammo. Rifle package comes w/ Original USMC Smear Stock, Original USMC M70 Bottom Metal, Original USMC MRT Sling and USO MST-100 scope package exactly as in the pictures. This is beautiful example of USMC M40A1 for the discerning M40A1 collector and shooter. Description: • GA Precision M40A1 Build To USMC RTE/PWS build procedure • Remington 700 Short Action, Trued up with lugs lapped • Chambered in 308Win/7.62 NATO Match • Clip slotted to Remington USMC Specs • Surface ground recoil lug tapered 2 deg per side. • 25-inch Schneider USMC Spec. 1-12 twist, 6-groove, Stainless barrel 1.200 for 4-inch straight taper to approx. .920" at muzzle • Original McMillan M40A1 USMC RETURN SMEAR STOCK with Original Desert Storm Paint still on it • Original USMC Win 70 M40A1 Bottom Metal • Original USMC M40A1 1986 MRT Rifle Sling • Old Style Remington 40X Trigger tuned to 2.5 pounds and modified per drawings to USMC Spec. • Matte Black Finish • Includes USO USMC Sniper Marked MST-100 Scope and USO MST-100 Mount and Rings Installed and Set Up by USO Personnel at the USO Factory. $SOLD Will only ship to FFL. ***PLEASE PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS*** Thank You
  7. Listed is an Original NDM-86 7.62x54R Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle. This particular rifle is a rare All Matching Numbered Pre-Ban CJA Springfield 1985 Import Norinco NDM -86 Dragunov SVD 7.62x54R. A limited amount of these rifles were brought in to the country before the imports were stopped. The rifle comes complete with original scope as well as the original scope box. The wood furniture has been replaced with the "Current Issued" Russian SVD furniture, that is completely resistant to weather and humidity changes that effect accuracy. The rifle comes the current an original Russian Issued Russian Furniture which goes for over $500 by itself if you can find one. One cool feature of the Current Issued Russian SVD Stock is that the cheek rest rotates quickly so that the operator can go to iron sights very quickly. Original 10rd Magazine is included. These particular imports don’t come up often. Very accurate out to 800 yards with match ammo. A great historically iconic firearm for those that want to own one of the most effective, reliable and iconic DMR rifles ever made and fielded. A real factory Dragunov SVD in its currently issued configuration. Everything pictured is what is included in the sale. Price Reduction: $SPF No sales to CA or Restricted States. Will only ship to FFL ***PLEASE PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS*** Thank You