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  1. Nfa form 4 changes

    I was aquainted with the Mr Clark they refered to in the case. Over the 40 plus years i have been in the NFA cirle i have run into a number of eccentric people but he was probably one of the oddest i have ever met. I would have not taken his word for anything he said. The last time i saw him was just before this all happened. I saw him at SAR and he said i havent seen you in a few years which was true. I coild tell he was somewht "impaired" but didnt say anything to him. The next day i saw him again and he said the same i haven't seen you in years. I wouldnt let him fix my bicycle much less take his advise on NFA regulations.
  2. Is it still available.
  3. Value of recent rewat MP 40

    The rewatting was done last year. Most old rewats were never stamped. Not a rewat but i have an SP1 convertion that was registered on a form 1. It shows Colt as the manufacturer. I know who did the work because i registered in in 1977.
  4. I am wondering about the difference in value of a recent rewat MP 40 with the rewatter name on it vs an original non rewat vs a tube gun. I believe the rewat woud still be C&R since it was registered as a dewat in the amnesty.
  5. Bad news today for me...

    I dont know if it is any help, but the liver is the main cleanser in your body. Have the Drs concidered a liver transplant? I had a heredity disease th as t caused my liver to fail and recieved a transplant. I went from days to live to now just short of 27 more years of life. Best of luck in any treatment you have.
  6. By big worry is that Trump may trade new gun laws for a border wall. I truly hope that i am wrong about this..
  7. I have heard that they will be covered under the new bump stock ban. I was considering buying one but will have to wait and se3
  8. Are you open to any trades? I have a very nice 1903 Sringfield. The receiver mas made in 1918 #999xxx making it the double heat treated high serial no. receiver and the barrel is 10/19 with a bright shiny bore. It also has the original sight cover which is not extremely rare but is not seen very much. i would do an even trade, if you are interested I can get some pictures tomorrow. If the deal works out I'll give Buddy $25.
  9. What do I need to do to get you to hold it? How do you want payment.
  10. Is this still available? If it is I will take it. Contact
  11. m1 Thompson for Sale

    If you are interested in selling the case separately I would like to talk with you about it. You have a great price on it and probably would have bought it from you if we had not have been hit so hard by Hurricaine Harvey. 9 months out of our house and hope to get in soon. The insurance sucked and have paid much more than what you are asking out of pocket.
  12. Please contact me if it is still available
  13. I M looking for a new or used Charles Daly copy of the Browning Hipower. Will pay cash or have a cew guns i. An trade including a Polish Tantal and a Manurhin MR 73 357 revolver, but these are both valued more than the Hipower.
  14. Manurhin MR 73 357 mag. Condition is 80 to 85 percent finish with the blue wear mainly on the barrel and high points on the cylender. Thes are some of the stongest revolvers made. The factory rubber grips look new. A great collectors item or a fantastic shooter. 975 plus shipping.
  15. Genuine North Vietnames SKS. one of the big 3 to SKS collectors. All matching except for the bolt and dust cover. No capture papers but was captured a hill 881 south just before Tet 1968. Metal is in fair condition with cracked stock from bullet strike. There is also a bullet strike on the front sight. I will include a chinese stock that has been stamped with the correct N Vietnames serial number. I will get pics this weekend. $1750 plus shipping. Hard to find when they come very seldom.