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  1. WTS HK MP5SD Suppressors

    Message sent. I'll take two.
  2. WTB: G36K

    I have a letter for a G36K. If you have a letter one you want to get rid of please send me a message. Doesn't need to be unfired, just functional. Please have photos and price.
  3. WTB: HK 320

    Looking for one. Please let me know and have pictures and price. DM me.
  4. Used lower on F5. Price: $500
  5. Last price drop on the OTB guns.
  6. WTB: G36C

    Looking for a G36C. Letter no issue. I'm trying to find one that's ready to go now or within the next couple weeks.
  7. Price drop on the receivers. Will entertain offers.
  8. I have a couple completed HK416 lowers for sale and two completed AI date code rifles. These require law letter on F5. HK416: - AI Date Code (OTB Features) - AG Barrel (thin profiled barrel - came from HK like this - have the original purchase order from Ashburn). - Low Round Count I've got more pictures on request. BCGs look good and no issues inside the receivers. Price: SPF - $3,500 + Plus shipping Complete Lowers: $1,000 + Plus Shipping
  9. WTB: MP7A1 and HK416 Lower

    Looking to buy a lower only. Have letter. Please have price and pictures. Don't care condition of the lower. Email: eric(at)Pre
  10. Looking for just an HK416D post sample lower (maybe two of them) and a M249. Please have pictures and photos. Law letter should not be issue.
  11. WTB: HK416 BCG

    Looking for a HK416 BCG. I need the 416 and not the MR556 carrier. Please have pictures and a price.