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  1. I have 2 of my babies for sale, I replaced them with NIB examples so no longer need these. located in South Florida, Msg or e-mail to jcgator42 AT Y! #1: IA date code HK91, comes with 5 magazines; shot very little a long time ago by original owner and it has sat since (unfired by me). $2400 obo. #2: Started as a Gray USC and was converted by Tommy (tbostic) with opened magwell, threaded bbl, vents and modified UMP lower. Has Stock Block, HDPS top rail and 3x handguard rails with vertical grip, USA muzzle device and B&T stock (for shorter LoP). Comes with 2 USA magazines (2nd gen). $2650 obo. -- Aimpoint optic in pictures not included with sale
  2. I have a spare new in box M11-A1 in .380 and I am looking for a M11/9 to complete my MAC collection. currently sitting on a form 4 in Florida and have a ton of NIB extras including Lage upper and parts. please PM to discuss. UPDATE: this thread can be closed; already have at least 2 deals lined up. thank you to everyone that reached out thanks, - JC
  3. FS: Saiga 12

    as we spoke via text, I'll take it. payment on the way today. thanks, - JC
  4. i have 3 available for sale as I purchased 5 but only ended up transferring 2 to my trust. I decided to go for a 45K, Hybrid and Micro on my other 3 transfers. these work for most 9mm and 10mm calibers (rated up to 300BLK subsonic) i am asking $448 + shipping from my local FFL to yours. i can be reached through here, via e-mail at JCGator42 AT yahoo.com or via text to (954) 8 TWO 5 - NINE 3 NINE 8 thank you, - JCC
  5. I am selling one of my MP5 sear-hosts from HK94 rifles. These were previously SBRs but are now rifles with original HK94 barrels as I was planning to move to a "no SBR" State this year. Both guns had the H&K 16" barrels installed by a reputable shop and were tested for perfect function in full-auto. Buyer will get to pick furniture and trigger-pack (HK94 metal or converted plastic MP5 lower [HKParts]). neither rifle is mint, but they are in decent condition and ready for tens of thousands of rounds of fun and then some (happy to send any specific pictures to potential buyers). Rifles will come with 2 factory H&K mags and the short barrel previously installed if shipping to an FFL with SOT or separate to the weapon (it is your responsibility to keep them separate until registered as an SBR). interested buyers can reach me here, via e-mail to JCGator42 AT yahoo.com or via text to (954) 8 TWO 5 - NINE 3 NINE 8 Asking $4,750 cash (cash preferred), $5,500 in trade [payment via PP F&F or USPS MO] in trade I am mainly looking for: M11 9mm, mini UZI, American 180, Thompson, Lightning Link/SP1/M16 --> fully transferable or pre-May only other firearms considered: H&K firearms, Chinese/Arsenal AKs, other high-end or collectible pieces thank you, - JC
  6. He is ok, he sold the HK94 along with many others this month and went on a hunting trip (he hunts for the state). He is off the grid and not really sure when he'll be back; this topic can be closed though. - JC
  7. WTB m10 22 conversion

    hey there, there are no 'good ones' but you can once in a while find an older fleming kit or similar for around $200-500 depending on condition and extras. most .22 kits for M10s require some fine-tuning with both the bolt to upper tolerance and the magazine fitment for them to run well. best wishes! - JC
  8. looking for a 5.56 SABRE/MAG-Tactical upper for a M10. Would need to be complete including buffer and stock adapter. thanks, - JC
  9. SOLD HK94/MP5 SBR

    messaged you last night on the 3, thanks! - JC