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  1. WTS HK German Parts MP5 33 51 53

    Message sent regarding bolt carrier
  2. Message sent for: D) H&K Conversion Kit, Converts your Full Auto Friction-Sear Trigger Pack to a Smoother Roller Sear and Roller Sear Trip Set up. $40.00 Thanks!
  3. HK Parts for sale

    PM sent about the Surefire Forend. Thank you!
  4. BELOW COST: Sig 716 G2, Trijicon / Eotech Optics

    Bought one of the MPX's from MFP Autos and he was great. Super professional and honest to deal with. Thank you Mark!
  5. BELOW COST: Sig 716 G2, Trijicon / Eotech Optics

    Message sent about remaining MPX
  6. Remaining rifles for sale

    Do you still have this available? HK push pin trigger packs: 1x 9mm ambi 3 position
  7. WTB Your shot out AR15 barrels

    Title says it all. I'm looking to buy cheap shot out AR barrels in various lengths. Rusted, pitted bores, no rifling left, I want it. Message me with what you have, thanks!