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  1. WTB: Hotchkiss articulating belt

    Thank you, I appreciate it.
  2. WTB Hotchkiss 1914 barrel

    I need a donor barrel for the .308 conversion. Any barrel is fine as long as it’s complete. Shot out is fine. Rusted is fine 7mm is fine 8mm is fine Please pm me, or wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com thanks Mike
  3. WTB: 1914 Hotchkiss parts

    Looking for: rear sight (or receiver chunk with rear sight) Feed tray 7mm or 8mm anti aircraft sights articulating belt armorers chest barrels any miscellaneous small parts or accessories. thanks Mike Duke wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com
  4. Looking for a Vickers feed block in 30-06. looking for a Vickers lock in 30-06 also. There is a very sad Colt Vickers gun missing his internals. If you would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact Mike Duke Call or text 702-three2five-36eight5 email Wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com
  5. I’m looking for a few Hotchkiss articulating belts. Some were 52 rnd capacity made of 16, 3round strip sections with hinges and a 4 round section with a starter tab attached. Or any similar setup. rimmed or rimless is fine. I shoot both. Thanks Mike Duke wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com
  6. Looking for a strip loader and straightening tool. I would like the Turkish setup with both loader and straightening tool in the box complete, but of course I will entertain other options. South American or Jap is good too. Prefer the rimless loader. Thanks. Mike Duke Wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com (702) nospam325-3685
  7. Gary Reisenwitz contact?

    Alabama Arms Gary?
  8. Is the subguns boards down

    Awful. log in and submit email. Now they’re sending spam email trying to sell me crap. Lots of crap clutter and advertisements. Featured this and special that. Highlighted and bannered garbage trying to distract you from finding what you really want. All for a cheap sale. Good job, you finally succeeded in destroying something we all loved.
  9. Vickers 11mm project needs a little help. As time goes on I keep getting a little bit closer to acquiring all the parts to fire my balloon gun in 11mm gras. I have the barrel, barrel cup, booster cage, feed block, belt, extractor and now ammo. The belt was custom made out of a .50cal browning belt. The pockets were sewn up for spacing and snug fit. The extractor was demilled by breaking off the feed lips at the bottom half. I have welded this area up, and I’m currently file shaping them back to useable condition. This is slow work but I will get it perfect with time. I do not have a lock with the wide extractor lifting arms. I need your help finding a few more pieces. An 11mm lock complete would be the best, but to get the project running I need: The wide extractor lifting arms. An intact extractor 11mm aircraft links. That’s it. Any help is appreciated. Mike Duke I have lots of stuff for trade or cash if needed. wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com
  10. MG's as an investment

    Great investment. Guns I bought 15 years ago I’ve traded for hot rods, down payments on rental properties, vacations and more machine guns. The value has gone up faster than any stocks I had. Everything has risks, yes you could loose it all at the swipe of a pen. What’s better than an investment you can play with.
  11. WTS: Swiss Maxim

    Oooh my gaaawd. You’re killing me. Awesome.
  12. I’ve got a few 30-06 barrels to part with. 2 are copper dipped, the rest are blued. All are original 30-06, not reamed or rechambered. Some had surface rust that has been removed all have been polished and hot blued. The bores and chambers are bright and clean. I would like to trade for Vickers extractors, locks or feed blocks in 8mm, 30-06 or 7.62. If I get no trades I will sell for cash. I will be at the Big Sandy, spot 63 also if you would like to pick from the bunch. Thanks, Mike 702-325-3685 wireguy77(nospam)@icloud.com
  13. WTB: Vickers 11mm lock

    Thank you for the info. This helps very much. I’d like to know also, how the 11mm extractor was changed to 45/70. A 45/70 does not fit in the 11mm extractor. Do we know who did the machining and the materials used per chance?
  14. WTB: Vickers 11mm lock

    Mr. Todd is correct. The 11mm extractor will slide on the lock but it’s so wide the extractor levers won’t go back on without bowing out and the Lock arms won’t fit on the lock at all. I would be happy with a stand alone extractor if anyone has one. I can always Fabricate a lock to fit, but a whole 11mm lock complete would be the best. Thanks for the input guys.