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  1. Looking to get a transferable Chinese AK... advice?

    Oof... as a Chinese American, I definitely winced a couple of times rereading this thread over the last several days. I've lived in America all my life and consider myself a red blooded patriotic American. Wish Mike used some different words there, but as a long time lurker of these boards, I've seen all the advice and help he's given out to others over the years. Hopefully now that I've "outed" myself as a Chinese American, he'll still be willing to give me assistance going forwards. Ended up finding a nice and almost unused 223 Polytech AK for a good enough price I don't mind paying the difference in converting it to a different caliber. Only issue I had with it is that it's an underfolder, and I hear they kinda suck to shoot in full auto. I think I may try to find a Chinese spiker kit (or even see if I can find a full rifle at a decent price) to make it into a full stock 7.62x39 Spiker build. Another option would be to convert it to 5.45 or even leave it in 223 and find more mags. Hmm...
  2. WTB Transferable STG44 or MP44

    Ehh, hard pass on them. Looks like they won the Morphys auction 1.5 months ago and just marked it up 9k. Yup. Just checked, exact same one.
  3. WTB Transferable STG44 or MP44

    Looking for a transferable STG44, or MP44 that is in good functioning condition with a good bore.
  4. Looking to get a Chinese AK, and it looks like stamped Chinese AK conversions are the most plentiful. The majority I've seen are Polytech AKs, anything I should be careful of when looking at these conversions? I'm wondering if it may be safer to get one in 223 and then have it professionally worked on for a 7.62 or maybe even a 5.45 conversion. Most of them are underfolders which I don't really care for. Are Minshan and Norinco AKs also equal in quality to Polytech? And I'm also trying to gauge how much a milled Chinese AK might cost. Seems they're far more difficult to come across. I don't think I could afford a vet bring back from Vietnam, but I'm wondering if I could still be in the ballpark for a rewelded example. Thanks for any advice or help you guys can offer. Oh and if the AK is listed as 223 on the existing paperwork, can it still be converted to other calibers?
  5. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    Listened to a bunch of HK custom gun builders and shops that do custom HK work... and I suggest you call around and do the same. Made it a real easy decision for me to go with Carlos at BPP. Delivered on time with a BPP23E that has run flawlessly. Can't say enough good stuff about the work.