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  1. Belgium FN D FND BAR Grip Assembly

    Still available. Pm me.
  2. I need the screw for the hole in the pic. Any help out there?
  3. This bolt is in excellent condition with very little signs of wear. It looks to have been professionally drilled to lighten for increased cyclic rate. Please let me know if you have any questions or picture requests. $250.00 Delivered.
  4. Complete grip assembly. Excellent condition. $250.00 Delivered.
  5. Here we have 4 excellent condition Smith and Wesson Mod 1940 Light Rifle Mags. These are in excellent condition with excellent blu. They do not appear to have been in the mag well many times as the color is strong with no streaks. A rare opportunity for the rare owner. $500.00 delivered.
  6. Please contact me with questions or photo requests. This front end is complete and was cut in the receiver itself not the block/chamber/barrel etc. $500.00 delivered. Thank you
  7. 550 Delivered. Please PM with questions.
  8. $2,000.00 delivered. Optics are clear and like new. Finish is excellent. The rubber cup is flexible with no rot and not torn.
  9. Here is a great post candidate. The gas portion is not cut. It is complete with a great barrel. $950.00 Delivered.
  10. 1,500.00 delivered. Missing lock, Feedtray and assorted small parts. Please use photos for description. Pm with questions and details.
  11. Vickers Indirect Fire Sight

    A very good condition Vickers indirect fire sight. 1,700.00 plus 25.00 shipping via USPS Priority. Please let me know if you have any questions and PM for interest.
  12. Swiss Maxim MG11 - Zeiss Optics W/ Leather

    A bit bigger photo.
  13. This is an original Swiss Maxim MG11 optic serial number 2541. The glass view is clear with set reticle. There is good coverage of original bluing. The rubber eye piece is attached but has clearly began to separate. The leather is worn and needs to be hydrated. It would clean up well. The serial number matches the optic to the leather. Please let me know id you have any questions or photo requests. $1,900.00
  14. Here is the base plate pic.