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  1. Semi Autos for sale.

    sent a PM
  2. Interested in nice condition AR-180's by Howa and Sterling (if priced fairly)
  3. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    The cheaper of the two was marked at 1199. Best they would do was 1050. That’s been a few months so perhaps they might go lower
  4. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    What do you consider “a deal”? I know where two are for sale
  5. Hi - do you have the original grip screws as well? Beautiful gun
  6. $620/shipped. FTF in NoVA for 600. Open to trades up or down.
  7. Preban Beretta AR-70

    beautiful....on my wishlist
  8. Is the FNC rail adapter a factory option or other make?
  9. Rare pre89 Semi's

    What is this one? I didn't see it on the list
  10. Adding a factory custom shop Beretta 92 Stock Competition model. This is a DA/SA frame safety gun made in Italy during the mid 90's for IPSC competitions. It has a front barrel bushing and lock-ring, extra checkering front and rear, higher cut beavertail, thin aluminum grip panels and of course the oversized frame safety ambi levers. BH date code and two mags (one with proper Elite style base-pad). This was used as Beretta shoot with. A few high spots are showing slight wear but nothing some cold blue won't hide. I got this as a good candidate to hard chrome. Barrel shows beautiful plum color and early style lock-ring with set screw. $1975/shipped (typically go in the mid-high $2k range if mint/unfired). Please note; I included a "Team Beretta" lock-ring wrench from a 12ga. The spacing is correct but the tabs need to be ground down to fit this style lock-ring. The proper 9mm tool from my other 92 Combat doesn't fit either so I grabbed this as its as close as I could fine. Any normal spanner wrench works fine of course....but this one says Beretta on it and fits in the case.
  11. $$SOLD Certified funds, USPS money orders or personal check accepted (with time to post of course). Will ship from my FFL, insurance extra.
  12. Polytech Galil model (sidefolding tube metal stock, 1" longer than normal 56S fixed wood stock). $2500/shipped
  13. Action Arms Uzi Model B in 9mm. Also includes sling (not shown). $1550/shipped
  14. It's a MG or did you mean Form 3?
  15. SBR or is that fake can pinned/welded?
  16. Rifle was sold without optic or mags. Those are still available...I'll close this and open a new ad in the accessories section
  17. I picked this up a bit ago but have never shot it. Its a great piece of history but I'm out of room in the safe and have a few other things I'm looking at purchasing. $4K/shipped to lower 48 and includes Leupold Mark 4 optic,rings, original waffle mag and three sealed Vero Beach-made magazines. Payment via certified funds and will ship an FFL to your FFL (or FTF in VA is ok, too). Also open to trades of pre-ban rifles. more pics here:
  18. Bump. Willing to sell the rifle and spare mags, no optic for 3300
  19. WTS: Yugo Underfolder

    Pics? I'm just down the road from you
  20. WTB: FN FNC lower parts

    Still looking for a few parts, #872 and #516 of note. Also looking for FNC parts in general
  21. I'm looking for one take-down pin, trigger guard, the trigger return spring (fits between the grip and trigger), the sleeve over the safety that the hammer strut rests on and the metal bracket inside the left side of the lower that connects the hammer and trigger pins together. I've got everything else but happy to buy a parts lot (complete or incomplete) if it has some or all of these pieces.
  22. Oh, cool! I emailed you about the one with the spare long barrel upper. Did you already sell that one?
  23. Wow....I was watching that one. I didn't care about the gun itself but was after the grips. Good to know more details about the source...he's put up some hard to get Vektors and others recently.