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  1. Bump. Willing to sell the rifle and spare mags, no optic for 3300
  2. I picked this up a bit ago but have never shot it. Its a great piece of history but I'm out of room in the safe and have a few other things I'm looking at purchasing. $4K/shipped to lower 48 and includes Leupold Mark 4 optic,rings, original waffle mag and three sealed Vero Beach-made magazines. Payment via certified funds and will ship an FFL to your FFL (or FTF in VA is ok, too). Also open to trades of pre-ban rifles. more pics here:
  3. WTB: FN FNC lower parts

    Still looking for a few parts, #872 and #516 of note. Also looking for FNC parts in general
  4. Oh, cool! I emailed you about the one with the spare long barrel upper. Did you already sell that one?
  5. Wow....I was watching that one. I didn't care about the gun itself but was after the grips. Good to know more details about the source...he's put up some hard to get Vektors and others recently.
  6. I'm looking for one take-down pin, trigger guard, the trigger return spring (fits between the grip and trigger), the sleeve over the safety that the hammer strut rests on and the metal bracket inside the left side of the lower that connects the hammer and trigger pins together. I've got everything else but happy to buy a parts lot (complete or incomplete) if it has some or all of these pieces.
  7. I'll take the FNC lower. Email sent.
  8. Daewoo DR200 pistol grip wanted

    Excellent! Glad he was able to help you out.
  9. Daewoo DR200 pistol grip wanted

    I got a repro off eBay or GB for a decent price.
  10. FNC fixed stock

    Looking for a fixed stock for an FNC. Thanks!
  11. AK5 handguards and bolt handle

    Still looking for a charging handle
  12. WTB: Beretta 92 Combat Handgun

    You might want to register on the Beretta Forum and do a WTB there because of the rarity. A batch of 20 was brought in from Australia from a few members there. Less than 50 were made world-wide...I had two of them, just selling my shooter to a collector last month. I still have a NIB Australian market gun. A dealer in Australia has one posted on GB but then you still need to import here and he wants $5500 before those fees.
  13. Anybody have a spare set sitting around?