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  1. $1325/shipped, excellent condition. More Uzi pics in album here: crossposted on AKFiles and FALFiles
  2. Found the AR-180B but still looking for a Costa Mesa AR-180 and a Daewoo K1A1. I'd prefer to buy either but have a spare Daewoo K2 and green label Colt AR15A2 I could work into a deal.
  3. which barrel does the Fix have? the standard I assume? I'm local.
  4. WTB ads often generate scams. Had something similar occur on the S&W forum and did some digging on the address and it was clearly not a legit seller. That said, are you still looking for one? I might have one in my spares bin.
  5. Looking to add some more pre-ban era rifles. Also looking for a spare AR-180B or AR-180B upper for a project
  6. SP-01 barrel left?
  7. One original mag include (matching camo). VG-E condition. $3450/shipped to lower 48 SOLD additional pics on request
  8. Semi Autos for sale.

    sent a PM
  9. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    The cheaper of the two was marked at 1199. Best they would do was 1050. That’s been a few months so perhaps they might go lower
  10. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    What do you consider “a deal”? I know where two are for sale
  11. Interested in nice condition AR-180's by Howa and Sterling (if priced fairly)
  12. Hi - do you have the original grip screws as well? Beautiful gun