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  1. ___________ Sig Sauer 556R Gen II. $1425/shipped to lower 48. more here: ___________ PTR Model 101. GI w/ rail. Metal lower. Less than 300rds fired. $875/shipped to lower 48. Optic not included. Optional: I've got spare G3 wood if you'd like that in addition.....$135 for stock and handguard and $65 for a walnut grip from RTG that I finished and clearcoated and buffed to matte to match. ___________ Sigarms / SIG / SAN 551-2 SP SWAT $5150/shipped to lower 48. Optional four position lower. This was a ban-era LA Fish and Game rifle w/ 14.3" barrel that Mike Otte from Michael's Machines did a barrel extension on to bring it to 16" (threads in to factory barrel with a tab welded to make it legal...can be cut off if you submit Form 1 for an SBR). Since these pics, I've had the extension cerakoted to match by HiCaliber Manufacturing (Carey is a maestro). Pics of barrel ext. below. Optic rail was stripped and had to be removed (not included but readily available from B&T and SAN). original lower had the officer's name in sharpie: Choice of green or black furniture. I also swapped the lower for a faux four position from a WCA 551. If you want that lower as well, +$850. pic of that lower here:
  2. HK91 by FMP / Interport

    91AE or "Interport G3" (it's not an HK91 which is specifically H&K) and by the features, believe it's '89-'93 ('94 and on have an internal sleeved flash hider which this doesn''s functional). There are no date stamps which might actually point to pre-'89 based on some info I found on HKPRO (and the s/n is super low and barrel has the grenade ring which helps to reinforce that but have no way to confirm).
  3. $1250/shipped Best I can tell, this was a kit build post '89 and pre '94 based on features and s/n. Interport brought in kits from FMP in Portugal which were made on H&K tooling (pre-ban complete Portuguese 91's were brought in by PARS). x-posted on FALfiles, AKFiles and local trader forum.
  4. What forms of payment do you accept? Interested
  5. I've come across two "grail rifles" on my buy list so need to move some items to help fund. I don't expect all this to move so once I sell enough, I'll end the listing. One pic per item, most firearms have additional photos in the link at the bottom. Payment via personal check, cashiers check or USPS Money Order. Other methods available but please PM to discuss. If you don't care for the grips or a certain configuration or parts, I'm happy to adjust as needed to meet a pricepoint (like the 92D Centurion). All these items are more than 15yrs old...any additional pics or questions on condition, please free to ask. crossposted ----- 92SB Compact Type M - $975/shipped w/ two mags & KSD Turkish Walnut grips. Also have a NOS set of factory walnut for $35 more. Some bluing loss at the high spots. Type M is the single stack 9mm. Additional mags available at extra cost. ----- Beretta 87BB - pre-billboard and refinished by CCR. All new springs and grips. Unfired since. $925/shipped. ----- Beretta 92 Stock Competition - $2550/shipped. Trigger job by Josh @ AAGW and KSD walnut. Includes original grips. ----- Browning BDA in Bright Nickel - 380acp. One mag. $750/shipped. 95%+ condition. ----- Beretta 8000 Type L - $525/shipped with Grips4U English Walnut (inc original grips). Two mags. Beleive I have some spare mags and will make available for what I paid. ----- Beretta 92D Centurion NP3 - C&S DA/SA sear and SpeedHammer. VZ Grips. $725/shipped ----- Manurhin MR73 - considered to be the strongest revolver ever made, per request from France's GIGN anti-terrorist police to shoot full power 357 magnum loads.. Adjustable DA/SA pull weight. Made in France. Surplus gun but refinished by Mahovsky's in Metalife. $1050/shipped. Also have brand new factory walnut grips available for $275 (what they cost me). ----- Smith & Wesson Model 547 - very rare 9mm K-frame w/ beryllium crane (no speed clips used). $1075/shipped. ----- additional pics:
  6. $1325/shipped, excellent condition. More Uzi pics in album here: crossposted on AKFiles and FALFiles
  7. Found the AR-180B but still looking for a Costa Mesa AR-180 and a Daewoo K1A1. I'd prefer to buy either but have a spare Daewoo K2 and green label Colt AR15A2 I could work into a deal.
  8. which barrel does the Fix have? the standard I assume? I'm local.
  9. WTB ads often generate scams. Had something similar occur on the S&W forum and did some digging on the address and it was clearly not a legit seller. That said, are you still looking for one? I might have one in my spares bin.
  10. Looking to add some more pre-ban era rifles. Also looking for a spare AR-180B or AR-180B upper for a project