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  1. still available, PM returned
  2. Colt 607 repro stock by US Armament/Ordnance Research. Test-fit but unused, as received. $520/shipped
  3. WTS: Transferable AR-180

    Nice gun. Assume it's a registered lower vs. sear right?
  4. $925/shipped to lower 48. Has a paddle mag release installed and spare HK lower (original Century one is a very weird shape). Century build, original carry handle (not shown), 40rd mag and 3x ProMags. These are built on Malaysian H&K 33/93 kits using US made receivers and small parts for 922r compliance. more pics in album: x-posted
  5. That's not an M9A1, that's the 92A1
  6. Do you have a pic of the other side of #1 please, the 556 stock? Thanks!
  7. Beretta bellinium

    Hi - pics available? Does it have the original cardboard sleeve as well?
  8. wts Early Sig 556 with swiss parts

    without pics? Of course I wanted it, thus the PM and comment here. Who buys a gun sight-unseen? Especially with as many variations of the Sig556 over time. Maybe be responsive to interested parties instead of being snarky after the fact?
  9. wts Early Sig 556 with swiss parts

    to who? You haven't replied to PM's
  10. It is but keep in mind this is a semi-auto setup as delivered on the WCA/SIG551
  11. wts Early Sig 556 with swiss parts

    sent a PM
  12. Hi - thanks for the interest but just made a deal on it last night since nobody here expressed interest.
  13. SPF on the PTR. Last call on the Sig's
  14. ___________ Sig Sauer Moved to another board ___________ PTR Model 101. GI w/ rail. Metal lower. Less than 300rds fired. SPF SOLD Optic not included. Optional: I've got spare G3 wood if you'd like that in addition.....$135 for stock and handguard and $65 for a walnut grip from RTG that I finished and clearcoated and buffed to matte to match. ___________ Sigarms / SIG / SAN 551-2 SP SWAT SPF SOLD Optional four position lower. This was a ban-era LA Fish and Game rifle w/ 14.3" barrel that Mike Otte from Michael's Machines did a barrel extension on to bring it to 16" (threads in to factory barrel with a tab welded to make it legal...can be cut off if you submit Form 1 for an SBR). Since these pics, I've had the extension cerakoted to match by HiCaliber Manufacturing (Carey is a maestro). Pics of barrel ext. below. Optic rail was stripped and had to be removed (not included but readily available from B&T and SAN). \