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  1. - Wanted - Looking for a Good - VG - Excellent 20mm cannon Bolt + Recoil system for a Solothurn S18-1000 gun. -- Photos to help ID what I need. Thank you, Clint
  2. WTB: Solothurn 20mm Bolt + Recoil system

    Will trade live original ammo for these parts ! 20mm Solo Long in the tubes !
  3. Hello,

    What do you have for the Solothurn S18 -1000 ?

    Any parts ?

    Thank you, Clint

  4. WTB: FND 8mm barrel and mags

    Looking for a - FND 8mm barrel and mags. NOT 30-06 or 7mm, that seem to be everywhere. Also 7.62 NATO Barrel and Grip will help alot. Thank you, Clint
  5. Looking for original MP44 barrels. any condition, welded Demil is ok,
  6. US 81mm M23A1 Bipod assembly, M-29a1 Good legs, elevating jack works, tight, these seem to need lube . $350 One piece Traversing head is banged but functional. $100 60mm projos, M69 training rounds good fins, bored for 20GA. $50 60mm flare lower body, good tail fins bored for 20GA. $35 25mm Bushmaster shells & projos. - Sold
  7. We will be selling Armory USA blank frames at KCR B-nine A-USA welded the rails in place and the steel is fully hardened, However,these were never completed and comply with the definition of non-gun, NO FFL is required. AFIK, these are the only actual A-USA, US factory made blanks on the market. Anyway, they are nice and priced at $55 cash & carry.
  8. WTB: Bergmann MP35 parts kit.

    mp35 bump
  9. WTB: Bergmann MP35 parts kit.

    Wanted; Bergmann MP35, MP35/i parts kit, Or any loose MP 35 parts. Thank you, Red
  10. WTB: FG42 parts

    Looking for FG42 parts, 2nd model. Thank you, Clint
  11. WTB: FG42 parts

    Original or Repo made to Original spec. that will function in a original receiver, LMK what you have. Frankfordgroup at bellsouth dot net
  12. WTB: Thompson M1A1 Bolt

    Looking for a usable Thompson M1A1 bolt. Thank you, Red
  13. WTB: T-Gewehr Bolt

    Looking for a complete Mauser T-Gewehr Bolt, And any parts for the rifle.
  14. Looking for a Thompson FBI case for range and storage use, The short one, not the long one. Any maker, age or condition. Thank you, Clint
  15. WTB : FMP Portugal HK91 receiver

    Still looking, for use in a HK21 build !
  16. Looking for a stripped FMP made in Portugal HK91 receiver. Like the ones CAI imported back in the 90"s. Or that unwanted FMP project gun. Thanks, Red
  17. WTB: Pre-May Thompson 1928

    Looking for a Pre-May Thompson 1928 or 1928a1, any GI mfg. Any condition as I will refinish it. Thank you, Red