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  1. Hello,

    What do you have for the Solothurn S18 -1000 ?

    Any parts ?

    Thank you, Clint

  2. WTB: FND 8mm barrel and mags

    Looking for a - FND 8mm barrel and mags. NOT 30-06 or 7mm, that seem to be everywhere. Also 7.62 NATO Barrel and Grip will help alot. Thank you, Clint
  3. US 81mm M23A1 Bipod assembly, M-29a1 Good legs, elevating jack works, tight, these seem to need lube . $350 One piece Traversing head is banged but functional. $100 60mm projos, M69 training rounds good fins, bored for 20GA. $50 60mm flare lower body, good tail fins bored for 20GA. $35 25mm Bushmaster shells & projos. - Sold
  4. Looking for original MP44 barrels. any condition, welded Demil is ok,
  5. We will be selling Armory USA blank frames at KCR B-nine A-USA welded the rails in place and the steel is fully hardened, However,these were never completed and comply with the definition of non-gun, NO FFL is required. AFIK, these are the only actual A-USA, US factory made blanks on the market. Anyway, they are nice and priced at $55 cash & carry.
  6. WTB: Bergmann MP35 parts kit.

    mp35 bump
  7. WTB: FG42 parts

    Original or Repo made to Original spec. that will function in a original receiver, LMK what you have. Frankfordgroup at bellsouth dot net
  8. WTB: Bergmann MP35 parts kit.

    Wanted; Bergmann MP35, MP35/i parts kit, Or any loose MP 35 parts. Thank you, Red
  9. WTB: Thompson M1A1 Bolt

    Looking for a usable Thompson M1A1 bolt. Thank you, Red
  10. WTB: T-Gewehr Bolt

    Looking for a complete Mauser T-Gewehr Bolt, And any parts for the rifle.
  11. WTB: FG42 parts

    Looking for FG42 parts, 2nd model. Thank you, Clint
  12. Looking for a Thompson FBI case for range and storage use, The short one, not the long one. Any maker, age or condition. Thank you, Clint
  13. WTB : FMP Portugal HK91 receiver

    Still looking, for use in a HK21 build !
  14. Looking for a stripped FMP made in Portugal HK91 receiver. Like the ones CAI imported back in the 90"s. Or that unwanted FMP project gun. Thanks, Red
  15. WTB: Pre-May Thompson 1928

    Looking for a Pre-May Thompson 1928 or 1928a1, any GI mfg. Any condition as I will refinish it. Thank you, Red