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  1. Rare and complete Micro Uzi Package $25,000

    Fleming package is sold, pending receipt of funds
  2. HK21A1K Beltfed $40,000

    Yes, registered receiver, originally done by Fleming.
  3. picture upload fail

    Other than my main picture...all my picture uploads are failing? Why is this happening?
  4. Rare and complete Micro Uzi Package that took decades to assemble. Package includes 1 Transferable Registered Receiver Micro Uzi Factory Full Auto Closed Bolt IMI Lower (have never seen one posted for sale since obtaining) - extremely rare Full auto Closed Bolt assembly (P marked, but with full supported lip required for full auto fire), tested and works perfectely Full Auto Open Bolt Lower with Pistol Grips Full Auto Open Bolt Lower with Micro Grips Semi Auto Closed Bolt Lower (that can be converted to full) Full Auto Heavy bolt in 9mm/.40 made by BarrelXchange Full Auto Heavy bolt in .45 made by BarrelXchange Full .22 kit with multiple magazines made by BarrelXchange Original 9mm 72 round drum mag multiple spring sets multiple barrel sets including two 3 lugged barrels Bayonet lug accessory rail Bonus - the heavy bolt configurations can be fired as a pistol and so this gun has a unique removable stock set up that was designed and installed by Vector long ago Not included (second Micro and Gemtech MK9K suppressor (highly recommended) For a quick no haggle sale, I'll include a large number of Uzi magazines both 9mm and .22
  5. HK21A1K Beltfed $40,000

    Having some trouble uploading additional pictures, can e-mail them upon request
  6. HK21A1K Beltfed $40,000

    HK21A1K modified by TSC Machine. Started as a true HK21A1 build and we did the testing necessary adjusted the system and shorten the barrel. This unique configuration allows the gun to be shot standing up much more comfortably. The HK21A1 had a 18" barrel, this K configuration has a 14" barrel and still maintains the amazing accuracy of the system. Certain military groups have used this weapon as a dual use belt fed weapon and sniper/DMR role. The accuracy possible with this system is impressive. German parts kits for the HK21A1 are rare and have some advantages over the latest HK21E. The shorter shroud allows for he use of a short barrel (in this K configuration) at the same length as the barrel shroud of 14" without having to cut down the barrel shroud as you would to convert and HK21E But the longer 18" and 22" barrels can still be used. An 18" barrel would convert it back to a factory appearance if desired. Also, while the dual feed of the HK21E .308 feed mech is impressive, it can only use links and not belts. The rare HK21A1 belt feed unit can feed both links and belts...a very nice and convenient bonus for the recreational shooter. Priced for a quick sell....will include the following in a quick no haggle sale - 1-6 variable power vortex scope in a quick detach Bobro Mount (which has one of the best return to zero set ups available) Grey Ghost Gear Rifle case in either Black, Grey (pictured) or brown