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  1. What a stellar day for me!!!

    The very best to you! I promise to keep you in my prayers.
  2. I have looked on the web and cannot satisfy my curiosity. Could someone please explain what this scope is and why it is identified as Hensoldt SG 542? I'm thinking it may have some assocation with the SIG 542 rifle. If this is the case is it cammed in .308? Is there a price difference between this scope and a normal type one Hensoldt? What would one cost in very nice shape? Many thanks in advance.
  3. WTB Galil ARM Carry Handle w/fastener

    Someone out here must have one of these..............
  4. WTS: SIG 551-2 SP SWAT $6500

    email sent
  5. FN FNC plus spare parts Kit

    This is tempting.............Who is the importer and does it say "sporter" on the left rear side of the upper?
  6. Is the scope still available? If so, is the scope can the original to the scope?
  7. I need to locate an original Galil carry handle with the fastener that holds it in place. If you have one please PM or email me. Thanks,
  8. Help w/Galil 392 SAR or ARM?

    Hello: I was hoping someone could lend some assistance on this issue. I came across a Galil model 392 (no "S") chambered in .223. The serial number is AAL-20790XX which falls outside the ARM models. It has a bipod, wooden forearm, folding butt stock, and even has provision for a carry handle but not the handle. It has the same length barrel and flash hider as a 392 ARM model. It was advertised as a SAR. It looks just like an ARM except with no carry handle. The owner stated there were no changes made to the rifle from new. Any idea what this is? How would this compare in value to an ARM if this is indeed a SAR?