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  1. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Nice Steiner Scope! It's been years since I saw one like this.
  2. WTB Russian AKM Barrel

    I am looking for an authentic Russian barrel for an AKM. Must be in good to new condition. Anywhere between. Thanks PM or email me
  3. WTB: SIG Stgw-57 Parts

    email sent
  4. PRICE CHECK: Beretta PM12s and AR70 mags.

    New prices on the AR70 mags are about $100. You'll find some which are more expensive and possibly others a bit less. However, I would say the average is about $100 for NEW ones.
  5. Would love to see more pics of the AR70! Awesome rifle.
  6. Galil Scope mount question

    Thanks again gents! Now I'm off looking for a ARMS #7 mount. Not that easy I see.
  7. Galil Scope mount question

    Many thanks!! I've seen some of your upload pics. I couldn't imagine how long it must have taken to collect those items! Thanks again!
  8. Galil Scope mount question

    Nice pics!! Those are very close. So I can just buy normal scope rings? Is there any way to mount a stanag scope to this type of mount? Now this is interesting. I see that mount mounted on an Action Arms model Galil ARM. The mount I have won't fit the Action Arms model Galils. What's up with that? It still has the label on the side of it. "Galil .308". I have not tried, but I think it only fits Magnum Research models. Thoughts? Many thanks in advance gents!
  9. Galil Scope mount question

    https://goo.gl/images/lcl1PO Maybe this link will work.... This is the scope mount I was speaking of. Any idea how or if you can mount a stanag scope on it? If not, then how can a normal scope be mounted? I assume there are scope rings made for this?
  10. Galil Scope mount question

    Thank you for the replies! I tried inserting a ling to a pic of the mount but for some reason it isn't working. The mount only has three slots in the top of it. The mount has a round knob which when turned; affixes it to the side of the Galil receiver.
  11. Galil Scope mount question

    Can someone please tell me what type of scope rings are used in conjunction with a Magnum Research Galil 308 scope mount? This is the mount that screws down on the side of the side of the receiver. The top of it does not resemble a normal piccatinny mount. Also, is possible to use a stanag scope on this mount? Thanks in advance
  12. WTB Galil ARM Carry Handle w/fastener