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  1. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Nice Steiner Scope! It's been years since I saw one like this.
  2. WTB Russian AKM Barrel

    I am looking for an authentic Russian barrel for an AKM. Must be in good to new condition. Anywhere between. Thanks PM or email me
  3. WTB: SIG Stgw-57 Parts

    email sent
  4. PRICE CHECK: Beretta PM12s and AR70 mags.

    New prices on the AR70 mags are about $100. You'll find some which are more expensive and possibly others a bit less. However, I would say the average is about $100 for NEW ones.
  5. Would love to see more pics of the AR70! Awesome rifle.
  6. Galil Scope mount question

    Thanks again gents! Now I'm off looking for a ARMS #7 mount. Not that easy I see.
  7. Galil Scope mount question

    Many thanks!! I've seen some of your upload pics. I couldn't imagine how long it must have taken to collect those items! Thanks again!
  8. Galil Scope mount question

    Nice pics!! Those are very close. So I can just buy normal scope rings? Is there any way to mount a stanag scope to this type of mount? Now this is interesting. I see that mount mounted on an Action Arms model Galil ARM. The mount I have won't fit the Action Arms model Galils. What's up with that? It still has the label on the side of it. "Galil .308". I have not tried, but I think it only fits Magnum Research models. Thoughts? Many thanks in advance gents!
  9. Galil Scope mount question

    https://goo.gl/images/lcl1PO Maybe this link will work.... This is the scope mount I was speaking of. Any idea how or if you can mount a stanag scope on it? If not, then how can a normal scope be mounted? I assume there are scope rings made for this?
  10. Galil Scope mount question

    Thank you for the replies! I tried inserting a ling to a pic of the mount but for some reason it isn't working. The mount only has three slots in the top of it. The mount has a round knob which when turned; affixes it to the side of the Galil receiver.
  11. Galil Scope mount question

    Can someone please tell me what type of scope rings are used in conjunction with a Magnum Research Galil 308 scope mount? This is the mount that screws down on the side of the side of the receiver. The top of it does not resemble a normal piccatinny mount. Also, is possible to use a stanag scope on this mount? Thanks in advance
  12. WTB Galil ARM Carry Handle w/fastener

  13. What a stellar day for me!!!

    The very best to you! I promise to keep you in my prayers.
  14. I have looked on the web and cannot satisfy my curiosity. Could someone please explain what this scope is and why it is identified as Hensoldt SG 542? I'm thinking it may have some assocation with the SIG 542 rifle. If this is the case is it cammed in .308? Is there a price difference between this scope and a normal type one Hensoldt? What would one cost in very nice shape? Many thanks in advance.
  15. WTB Galil ARM Carry Handle w/fastener

    Someone out here must have one of these..............