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  1. WTB MP40 magazines

    Thanks, I will check it out.
  2. WTB MP40 magazines

    Are they 32 round magazines? I assume they fit and function in a full auto MP40? If so, I am interested. What is the asking price?
  3. WTB MP40 magazines

    I am looking for a few functional Mp40 magazines.
  4. M11/nine new in box

    Thanks for the offer but I am firm on the price.
  5. M11/nine new in box

    I have not listed this gun on GB. This is part my personal collection and it is on a Form 4 in Missouri. I will be happy to provide a picture of the form to anyone that is serious about buying it.
  6. M11/nine new in box

  7. WTS SWD M11/nine

    Just sent you a message.
  8. WTS SWD M11/nine

    For sale SWD M11/nine $8600 on a form 4 in Missouri.
  9. For sale SWD M11/nine with Lage Max-11/15 IRM. The M11 has a Lage sear and safety installed. Includes original upper and stock. $11,250 On a form 4 in Missouri.
  10. M11/nine new in box

    I have a new in box SWD M11/nine for sale on a form 4 in Missouri. $10k
  11. WTS transferable Erb tube Sten MkV

    Email sent.
  12. M11/9 SPF

    I am interested. E-mail sent.