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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Hi, The name on the email is "Cheryl Abernathy" her email address is kraee@hotmail.com. I get emails from this person a couple times a week, now this person claims that illness is forcing her to sell off her guns cheap. You would think ATF would go after these people.
  2. WTS: NIB Gemtech Mist-22 for takedown 10/22 Form 4

    Can you email me please? grobinson07@snet.net Thank you.
  3. WTS: Transferable & Dealer Sample Machine guns

    Email sent.
  4. WTS Walther MPL 9mm subgun pre sample

    Hi, Do you still have the Walther for sale? Im sure I'm a day late/ dollar short.
  5. Fraud Alert!!!!

    I continuously get emails from some knucklehead trying to sell guns that they took the descriptions from here. I've blocked several emails but it continues. Any thoughts?
  6. I'd like to be added to the list please, if your still compiling names. G&B Gunworks Plainfield, Ct. 07FFL/02SOT 860-617-2714 G&B Gunworks on FB Transfers / help with paperwork.
  7. wtb trigger group for registered auto lower

    Are you still looking for a trigger?
  8. WTS Large Amount Of Post Samples

    Are there any left? lol
  9. Potential Scam Accounts

    I asked for their FFL/SOT and received a copy of an SOT from someone in New Jersey! Im thinking I should let this guy know that someone is scamming on his license.