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  1. Antitum gunshop

    I just got scammed by Antietam Gun Shop. Can you give me any leads as to how to get to them?
  2. I ordered M240 parts from this guy and never got the parts. Cannot reach him. Sent check to Alice Johnson in Hallsville, Tx. His email address is antietamsgunshop@gmail.com.
  3. Scam?

    I ordered a M240 part from Antieamsgunshop. Sent the check to Alice Johnson in Hallsville. Tx. She cashed to check but I never got the part and now cannot contact him. Anyone know this guy?
  4. WTS: M240 Spade Grip $sold

    I'll take the m240 spade grips... FrankWheaton@gmail.com let me know the payment and shipping details.