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  1. First time MG recommendations

    As a small-timer here's my advice based on 23 continuous years as a subgun owner. I bought a new M11 first, its the world's favorite "starter" gun for a reason. The mistake I made was buying the M11A1 because I thought its tiny size was so cool. Back then .380 was $4.99 a box, now it's $15.00+ and the reason that gun hasn't seen daylight in 10 years even though I own a small rifle range. About six years after that I bought a new Vector Uzi when they first came on the scene and a few years after that I added an FNC because I wanted a rifle. Although downplayed by other posters, don't under estimate the value of a gun you can run in .22lr. My Vector Uzi with the .22lr kit installed (NOT allowable on a registered bolt gun) gets 90% of my full auto shooting, especially when NFA virgins come to my range. It's fun AND it's affordable. Think about your ammo budget before you buy a gun. Sure 380/9mm/5.56 give me that "real machine gun experience" but the Uzi can run through $10 worth of ammo in about five seconds and the Mac can do it in two. How long do you want to shoot when you go to the range? I promise you'll shoot $100 worth of ammo before you can finish a Coke. Buy something you can shoot all afternoon. The full size M11 and the full size Uzi are your two best bets because both have very dependable .22lr conversion kits available. In my opinion, the UZI is a better gun as reflected by their prices but the M11 is great also. Long term you'll be much happier with either of these guns than anything else mentioned here. Please disregard this post if you have lots of money Shoot Safe
  2. WTK Best Firearms Engraver

    You might call them on a SOT discount (IDK), but the jobs Ident Marking has done for me looked really good.