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  1. value of links

    I have some M 60 links e mail me grumpymule@hotmail.com
  2. WTS: Sten magazine loaders

    Is the box loader English ?
  3. WTS Stengun Ordco

    Barrel looks like it's for an HK MP 5 3 lug suppressor ??
  4. Potential Scam Accounts

    I had a direct e-mail from my WTB ad ,Gut wanted me to loan him $1500

    I'm not sure how correct you want to be ,I would think that any P-35 (HI-Power)parts from the same year era or serial number range would work.. The HI-Power was made in several different countries you have to assume under the same specs.
  6. WTK: Difference in these two HKG3 stocks..?

    The shorter one could be for the HK 93 5.56
  7. smith for M16

    Did you get your M-16 working ? I know how to tell you how to fix it yourself E-mail me at grumpymule@hotmail.com for info
  8. WTS: (6) STEN mags for Mac 11/9 Conv. guns $45

    I assume that the side tabs were ground down ,to fit in the M-11 pistol grip mag well ,
  9. H&R Handy Gun 32 20 wcf

    I have done some research on the H&R Handy gun If you want to talk shop e-mail me at grumpymule@hotmail.com Be glad to share Dave 2/27/17