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  1. Hello Everyone, Both are factory new, with sealed mag pack and factory carton. I am the original owner and purchased them new from a local gun shop a couple years ago. The only thing I changed was removing the plastic Magpul rear flip up sight with a like new MaTech metal sight, then back in the bag. These are the latest configuration with the loctited insert on the left of the upper receiver and the lock-switch on the front flip up sight. The lowers are marked M4 Carbine. Always kept in the shown Pelican case in climate controlled home. No surprises. I'm experienced with NFA transfers, having done it 20+ times. From what I read, if removed from NFA configuration by removing the uppers, I can sell the lowers as normal Title 1 guns, but of course I would notify the NFA of the change in status. I'm asking $1,400 each, obo, send me a link to a more competitive price and make me an offer, no worries. On Form 4 in Georgia. I'm open to offers, including removing them from the NFA registry and parting them out as separate uppers and lowers. You can text me for pictures or questions at seven seven zero six one seven one two nine one. Please be specific about what pictures you want to see. There are three ways to do this. I separate the upper and lower, file to remove them from the NFA registry, ship them separately to you. You will have them in 1 week, then file a form 1 ($200 tax stamp), engrave the lower, and put them back together. I think form 1’s are taking about 45 days at this point. Shipping is $75. I transfer them to your dealer (assuming you are not in Georgia), then he transfers them to you. No engraving necessary. $200 tax stamp to your dealer, another $200 tax stamp to you, shipping $75. Each transfer takes about 1 year! Keep the upper and lower separate and use them in a legal non-NFA manner. $75 shipping. In your hands in 1 week separated.
  2. Up for sale is, as the title states. I just replaced the safety selector, safety slide, sear spring, recoil buffer and other small springs with the superior parts from Lage MFG. I also have a very early 2-stage suppressor with the foam rubber covers; the foam rubber was replaced by S.W.D. very early with a Nomex cover so I know this is early. I changed out the OEM buffers with new parts cut from some McMaster tubing, so they are very easy to replace now. I think it was unfired when I bought it and now has about 100 rounds through it. I'm asking $7,600 for the gun, shipped and insured; I'm asking $50 for the suppressor to the same buyer - I will sell it separately, and I actually have a second suppressor that is identical with the later Nomex cover that is electropencil engraved by the Atlanta PD. I might consider some trades. A Knight's factory gun in 5.56, a Barrett .50, factory built white phosphor dual night vision (think Sentinel or similar), +/- cash on my end. Buyer covers the tax stamps; in GA there is only 1 stamp fee. Out of state, the process is that I transfer the gun/can to your dealer on a Form 4, then he transfers to you on a form 4. This is cross posted on in the EE. I have several machinegun references from purchases, sales, and trades.
  3. $11.5K - LAST PRICE DROP Vector/Group Full Size UZI

    lowered price