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  1. WTB Swedish BAR Trigger Assembly/Housing He's a good dude.
  2. WTB: Chauchat Mags/Accessories/Parts

    Why don't you share some of those groups? Seems like spam spam to me..
  3. WTB: ZB30 Kit + Magazines

    Hello, Looking for a ZB30 kit with intact barrel, also spare magazines, for the ZB26/30. Any contacts are appreciated. thanks!

    Looking for LMG parts Sometimes called the H BAR HBAR Bolt carrier group, firing pin, bolt, An open bolt variant, Thank you
  5. WTB: 1918 WW1 and FOREIGN BAR PARTS

    Thanks for the helpful replies so far!
  6. Looking for WW1 BAR Parts: Rear Sight, Buttplate, Charging Slide Receiver Pins, Gas Tube/ Op rod Assemblies Colt Monitor Compensator (for drawing) Offer!!! Foreign Parts: From Swedish Browning " KulspruteGevar m/1937 " and m/1921, --Quick Change Barrel Block, offer! Polish WZ 1928, -- Any Parts Spare FND-- QD barrel block Other BAR variants for documenting and blueprinting. (R75/R80) All are welcome, Thank you
  7. WTS Swedish K stuff

    That was quick! I never knew there were so many accessories. Could i I get a reference to the ejection port cover or night sights? Maybe in text or other pictures? Sounds great I can't see much from the his.. thanks!
  8. Looking for MP40 magwell, front sight base, hood. Etc. MP28: Receiver Cap, Trigger Area, Please let me know if you have any of the pieces, or are aware of sources! Thank you very much!