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  1. WTS: Sig SRD762-QD or SRD762TI-QD. We pay tax stamp

    We are having a Sig Sauer blow out sale this week. Buy a SRD762-QD or a SRD762TI-QD and we will pay the $200 tax stamp. You won't find this cheaper anywhere else. Multiples are welcome. No CC fees, but shipping will be $25 to your dealer. SRD762-QD $749 - $200 (for tax stamp) SRD762TI-QD $1079 - $200(for tax stamp) Just shoot us an email - info@ok-mg.com or call 405-418-4867 to place an order Thank you!
  2. WTS: Sig Sauer Silencers. Buy 1 get a .22 titanium for FREE

    Bump, price change free .22
  3. We are trying to move some old inventory. We are offering 7.62 QD suppressors at Sig Sauer MAP pricing and offering a .22 titanium for FREE to help make the deal better for you. We are only able to sell one .22 for each 7.62 can sold. $20 shipping, No CC fees on these orders. They are sitting on Form 3's and will transfer via eforms to your dealer. We can handle the form 4 transfer in the state of Oklahoma. Dealer prices available on 7.62 suppressors. One .22 for $100 on each 7.62 sold. (dealer price same as everywhere else, free shipping and no cc fee). SRD22X MSRP $480, typically sells for $400 SRD762-QD $749.99 Free SRD22x SRD762TI-QD $1079.99 Free SRD22x Call or email steve@ok-mg.com 405-418-4867 Oklahoma Machine Guns, LLC www.ok-mg.com Oklahoma City, OK
  4. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Sold Pending Funds
  5. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Bump, new price $29,500
  6. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Up for sale is a transferable M2HB with a Ramo side plate. Its built on an Israel parts kit. The gun runs excellent and comes with 1 barely used stellite barrel. The finish is in good condition with wear on the mounting holes from sitting in a cradle. There isn't a charging handle in the pic, but it comes with one. It's sitting on a Form 4 in Oklahoma. We will pay the 1st stamp to your dealer. For info, email: M2HB@ok-mg.com Oklahoma Machine Guns, LLC Oklahoma City, OK