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  1. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    Bump lower price
  2. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

  3. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    It does not have that. There were 6 that were imported that went to the state police.
  4. WTS: RARE Pre Sample MK5k MG Exec Condition

    We have for sale, a RARE MP5K PreMay Dealer Sample machine gun, in excellent condition. Its been said that less than 20 were imported. It does not appear to have been shot very much. The serial number is 4 digits. Date code is 84. It is a PreMay Sample, so you will need to be an FFL/SOT to get this keeper. More pictures on request. Arrangements can be made to see this gun anytime at our gun range in Oklahoma City. We are setup for eforms for faster Form 3 transfers. $29,999 OBO Free Shipping
  5. WTS: Sig SRD762-QD or SRD762TI-QD. We pay tax stamp

    We are having a Sig Sauer blow out sale this week. Buy a SRD762-QD or a SRD762TI-QD and we will pay the $200 tax stamp. You won't find this cheaper anywhere else. Multiples are welcome. No CC fees, but shipping will be $25 to your dealer. SRD762-QD $749 - $200 (for tax stamp) SRD762TI-QD $1079 - $200(for tax stamp) Just shoot us an email - info@ok-mg.com or call 405-418-4867 to place an order Thank you!
  6. WTS: Sig Sauer Silencers. Buy 1 get a .22 titanium for FREE

    Bump, price change free .22
  7. We are trying to move some old inventory. We are offering 7.62 QD suppressors at Sig Sauer MAP pricing and offering a .22 titanium for FREE to help make the deal better for you. We are only able to sell one .22 for each 7.62 can sold. $20 shipping, No CC fees on these orders. They are sitting on Form 3's and will transfer via eforms to your dealer. We can handle the form 4 transfer in the state of Oklahoma. Dealer prices available on 7.62 suppressors. One .22 for $100 on each 7.62 sold. (dealer price same as everywhere else, free shipping and no cc fee). SRD22X MSRP $480, typically sells for $400 SRD762-QD $749.99 Free SRD22x SRD762TI-QD $1079.99 Free SRD22x Call or email steve@ok-mg.com 405-418-4867 Oklahoma Machine Guns, LLC www.ok-mg.com Oklahoma City, OK
  8. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Sold Pending Funds
  9. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Bump, new price $29,500
  10. WTS: *NEW PRICE* Ramo M2HB Transferable $29,500 OBO

    Up for sale is a transferable M2HB with a Ramo side plate. Its built on an Israel parts kit. The gun runs excellent and comes with 1 barely used stellite barrel. The finish is in good condition with wear on the mounting holes from sitting in a cradle. There isn't a charging handle in the pic, but it comes with one. It's sitting on a Form 4 in Oklahoma. We will pay the 1st stamp to your dealer. For info, email: M2HB@ok-mg.com Oklahoma Machine Guns, LLC Oklahoma City, OK