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  1. SAIGA 12, 107UR

  2. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    MP5K sold to Deadeye.
  3. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    Up top
  4. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    SP5K, P7M13 and M203 all sold. MP5K/SP89, SLR107 and Saiga are all still available.
  5. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    Sp5k and p7 spoken for as of now
  6. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    Bump, also have an SP5K that’s still in the box.
  7. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    I'm a 10/02 in Snohomish WA, if you're local everything is price plus sales tax. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Trades I may consider would be night vision or accessories, mtek flux ballistic helmet, hk kits, hk416 parts, just let me know what you have. SOLD: Have an sp89 pre ban pistol converted to mp5k-n by TSC, barrel is from an hk94 and converted to 3 lug and threaded 1/2x32, has a german mp5k auto carrier. It currently has my registered trigger pack in it but will transfer as a pistol with stock front plastic and metal grip housing. $5,000, one new HK mag but have more used mags I can sell. Saiga 12 SBS 13.75", I got it from a local guy with everything but the chop done. The carrier/bolt is polished, comes with everything pictured. Transfers on a form 3, $1150. Arsenal 107UR SBR conversion, info is marked on the barrel and you can see it through the handguard. Its unfired since it left the factory, just chopped down. Will ship with the factory black furniture but wood handguards, bakelite wood grip and triangle stock included as well as original box/mag and accessories. Transfers on a form 3, $1500 SOLD: LMT L2X 7" M203, new and unfired. Mounted to a DD rail for pictures only. $1785, transfers on a form 3. Have a couple different types of rounds I can sell with it. SOLD: And lastly I have a P7M13, used and includes 1 mag and a new plastic heat shield. $2000. Pending sale
  8. Saiga 12 SBS

    Got this sitting around and I never shoot it, just seeing if someone else could put it to use. Its about 13.75" long, extra ports drilled and up to size. Bolt group and trigger is polished, has an adjustable plug. Comes as pictured and will toss in a couple other mags as well. If you're interested shoot me an email and I can send you some better pics. On a form 3. $1300 OBO shipped to your dealer. Trades considered would be HK stuff like a SD parts kit, IR laser like a ITAL. MK18 parts, a 5.45 krinkov. Just let me know you have, all I can do is say no.
  9. Did prices double/triple on everything overnight or? You're asking basically premay dealer pricing, and no letter pricing for the other HK's.
  10. WTB No letter Colt M16

    Interested in buying a no letter post sample Colt M16a1/a2 etc, let me know what you have and what you'd like for it. Receiver or full gun. Thanks