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  1. The firearms below are all Post May Dealer Samples which require a Law Enforcement Demo letter M-60 E3 - ATF Form 2, Sunset Weapons Systems Receiver, nice tight barrel fit up, solid shooter. All correct E3 parts except rear sight and feed tray $8000 MP-5 A2 - ATF Form 3, PD Trade in, Very Good Condition $4500 Chinese Type 56 (RPD) - ATF Form 3, $4000 Bren Mk II Reweld - ATF Form 2, $2500 Glock 17 with FSSG Patented Auto Sear – ATF Form 3, $2000 1928 Thompson - ATF Form 2, Philadelphia Ordnance Receiver, USGI parts $2000 AK-74 - ATF Form 2, Bulgarian Parts Set, Hungarian Receiver $2000 M-16 Lower Receiver - ATF Form 2, Fixed stock, Bushmaster receiver $1000 M-16 Lower Receiver - ATF Form 2, Folding stock, Bushmaster receiver $1000 M2 Carbine Kits - ATF Form 2, (3 available) $1000 ea. HK Trigger Packs - ATF Form 2, (2 available) $1000 ea.
  2. WTS: Colt M16A1, excellent, SOLD!

    Sorry, it is sold pending funds.
  3. I have a very nice Daewoo DR-200 rifle with Ace folding stock for sale. Rick 314-330-2666
  4. WTS: Colt M16A1, excellent, SOLD!

  5. Time for this one to go on to a better home. It's been a safe queen for qutie a few years now. 50/50 payment accepted. On a Form 3 in Missouri. Rick 314-330-2666
  6. Yes, but can't post on site. Contact me at r1ck233@primary.net
  7. Daewoo DR-200 in excellent condition with ACE folding stock. No trades.