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  1. WTB - M1 D GI cheek pad

    Looking to buy an original GI cheek pad for the M1D. Let me know what you have and $. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'd like one of each and also a VZ61. Please send info.
  3. Have for sale an all matching, including grips, G Date Luger pistol. It is in 90% + condition, excellent bore, one matching magazine and undated holster in excellent condition. Price dropped to $2,950, shipping will be actual to your location. Doug George Austin, Texas FFL/SOT Cell 512-565-0240
  4. Maxim 08/15 steam port cover 850

    Hi is this still available. ?
  5. Gorgon, I’m looking for a steam port cover. Do you have one? thanks Doug
  6. Looking for a magazine follower for the Mauser 71/84. Please let me know if you have one for sale? Doug George 512-565-0240
  7. Looking for a replacement stock retaining feather spring/ Latch. The part that locks the stock mounting frame to the pistol. Anyone know who has these or who makes them? Thanks, Doug George 512-565-0240
  8. I am selling an M2 carbine registered receiver gun. M2 overstamp over 1 in the M1 marking. Manufacturer is listed on the form 4 as Underwood so gun is most likely a GI conversion. Comes with one 15 and one 30 round magazine, sling, oiler, hard shell case. Bolt extractor and ejector springs were recently replaced. Runs flawlessly. PLease call or email with any questions. Thanks, Doug George FFL/SOT cell 512 565 0240
  9. I am selling a Winchester model 1873 rifle in 38-40 caliber, 98% condition. Rifle is museum quality and has a Winchester/ Cody Firearms Museum letter stating the rifle was shipped from the factory on June 15, 1892. Excellent bore on the octagonal barrel. Stock and metal finish are 98% with a couple small handling marks on wood. All letters and numbers are crisp with sharp edges. Case colored parts show excellent colors. Price is $12,000. Shipping will be $100.00. Have many more pictures. Please feel free to email with any questions. Doug George FFL/SOT off 512-416-1550 cell 512-565-0240 email
  10. Selling an original German MG42 Lafette Tripod Mount. Mount functions perfectly. Elevation and Windage Adjustments are precise. Leather Pads in Excellent Condition. Comes with Attached Range Card. Nazi WA Acceptance and Bundesheer Stamps are present. All German, not a Yugoslav tripod. Price is $1,975.00 plus $60 shipping and insurance to the lower 48. Please call or email me with questions or any additional information. Doug George FFL / SOT cell 512-565-0240 ofc 512-416-1550 email
  11. I am selling an MP40 made by Wilson Arms Co. It is in excellent 90% condition. Comes with three German magazines,one is fxo 42, two are kur 43. Gun runs great. Price is $14,500, shipping will be $90.00 to the lower 48. On form four in Texas. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Thanks for Looking Doug George off 512-416-1550 cell 512-565-0240
  12. I am selling a Ruger AC556 that is in like new condition. It is blued and all metal and wood finish is 98% or better. Fired less than 500 rounds. Comes with one magazine. Currently on a Form 4 in Texas. Price is $11,000. Buyer pays transfer tax. Shipping and insurance will be $100.00. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Thanks for looking Doug George FFL/SOT 512-565-0240
  13. I am selling a 1903 Springfield rifle in excellent condition. Wood and metal finish are 95% +. Bore measures 2 on a GI bore gauge. Stock cartouche is "O.G." in box, "P" on grip. Barrel is SA, dated 9-33. Shipping will be $40.0 to the lower 48. Please fell free to email with any questions Doug George 512-565-0240
  14. I am selling a Hammerli model 280 target pistol in .22LR. Comes with an additional .32 barrel assembly, two .22 magazines, two .32 magazines, tools and case. Very good to excellent finish on metal and wood. Price is $2,000 shipped to the lower 48.Please call or email with any questions. Doug George Off 512-416-1550 Cell 512-565-0240
  15. I am selling a Mauser in 300 H&H Ackley Improved caliber. Has a 26" barrel, laminated wood rollover check piece stock, and Balvar 24X scope. Bright optics, very good to excellent finish on metal and wood. Scope finish is excellent. Price is $975.00 plus $35 shipping, shipped to the lower 48. Please call or email with any questions. Doug George Off512-416-1550 Cell 512-565-0240