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  1. M-14 Parts

    Ohio Collector looking for any reasonable M-14 Parts. What do you have for sale? Thank you in advance.
  2. Anyone have an estimated value of an unfired, NIB FABARM SAT-8 shotgun from (Italy)
  3. FABARM SAT-8 shotgun (Italy)

    BTW I know what they are and what they do- see below. Type: pump-action Gauge: 12, chamber 76 mm / 3" Length: mm Barrel length: 610 mm Weight 3.37 kg Capacity: 7 rounds in under barrel tube magazine FABARMSAT-8 shotgun (S.A.T.-8 stands for Semi-Automatic Tactical, 8 shots)was specially designed for security / police / self-defense applications, as well as for practical sport shooting. These shotguns are manufactured in a wide spectrum of models, with different stocks and options, but all are based on same action with patented features such as Tri-bore barrel profile and Pulse Piston gas operated action. FABARM SAT-8 shotguns are gas-operated, semi-automatic weapons I would appreciate any thoughts on value. Thank you in advance
  4. WTS : Chinese .308 Sealed Crate $ 350.00 delivered to KCMGS

    Did it sell?
  5. WTB transferable 50 m2hb

    When you find it and need ammunition, I have .50 BMG API by the can- you would need to buy links and link it yourself