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  1. Wow, seeing these vast collections and exotica makes my plan seem pretty tame. Just a Lightning Link for me once I convince the wife on how good of an investment it is
  2. A take on the ATFs leaked white page memo.

    I had similar thoughts about the ramifications if this white paper idea were to become fact. Then it occurred to me that I would not be the only person who got their FFL/SOT with the idea that one fringe benefit would be that I could obtain, fondle and become intimate with cheap posties. If thousands of people had the same idea and law letters weren't required, the posties would not be so cheap.
  3. First time MG recommendations

    SWD M11/9 was my choice for my first because of price, parts availability and all the configuration combinations (smg, .22LR conversion, carbine conversion & others thanks to Lage & others). It's kind of like having 3 machine guns for the price of 1. Mine transferred from out of state on a form 4 with 100% paid to seller before first transfer. I don't mind telling you that until it actually showed up in my dealers hands, I was quite apprehensive. But I had done due diligence in investigating and internet stalking of the seller, so other than buying face to face in state from a dealer, it was about as safe as I could make it. My only regrets are that I didn't take the step into the sordid world of transferable machine guns sooner and that I didn't buy more sooner. YMMV
  4. Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment

    Done, but I am skeptical about the effectiveness of these online petitions.