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    5. ASAC Reising .22 Display by David Albert

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David Albert
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1. Reising Model 50 Submachine Gun, 10,000 serial number range
2. Prototype serial number "F" Model 65 rifle made by Eugene Reising, and evaluated by the USMC for adoption with over 100K rounds fired through it - Marked "Reising .22"
3. Prototype serial number "M" Model 65 with slightly shorter barrel, and ramp front sight
4. Model 65 - Low 4000 serial number range, Stock has been shortened, with comb stock, plastic grip cap, front sight replaced with hooded sight
5. Model 65 - Low 5000 serial number range
6. Model 65 - Low 8000 serial number range - Stock has been modified at comb, Fajen buttplate added, front sight and another block in middle of barrel have been dovetailed into barrel, original sight taken off to reveal threading
7. Model 65 - 9300 serial number range
8. Model 65 - Low 10,000 serial number range - Has had bull barrel and scope added, refinished, with "USMC" and "NM" stamped on it
9. Model 165 - Mid 700 serial number range
10. Model 150 - 2500 serial number range
11. Model 151 - 1000 serial number range
12. Model 150 action and barrel only - 10,000 serial number range - Bore is nice, outside of barrel and action are lightly pitted - I'll assemble this into a usable rifle if and when I encounter parts

David Albert



© David Albert

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