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  2. WTS: US Navy MK3 Powder Storage Kegs

    PM sent
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  4. WTB: Transferable HK G3

    I got one too if your still looking! G3k swing down lower Thanks Jared
  5. Gunsmithing question

    CAREFULL THERE ! when playing with springs one can get themselves in real trouble if the wrong window is opened. its always easy to speed one up by making the bolt travel shorter or slow one down by adding weight but initial spring tension should stay VERY close to the original design. BOTH examples listed IE; PPSH AND PPS-43 fire slightly b-4 full bolt closure. any change in the design force can be catastrophic . the low pressure 9mm luger caused no problems but during the past flurry to convert open bolt sub guns to semi auto only closed bolt. EVERY EXAMPLE of PPSH I know of shot much has blown up damaging the extractor and many times the BOLT. some virtually exploded the FIRST ROUND pushing the front of the extractor thru the front of the receiver because the bolt and spring rate for the full auto, applied to the closed semi variation allowed the round to exceed proof pressure , ALL the "PRE IGNITION" was removed. in that case, adding to the bolt was no help so we added spring weight and got some relief rut too much and failure to feed kicked in. of the 8 guns I worked on 2 receivers and 4 bolts were severely damaged and more than 15 extractors broken looking for the "CURE" 3 ended up "so/so" at best. the PPS -43 was a bit better , I think the HAMMER added just the right amount of resistance and helped , but we still lost extractors and changed them all to 9mm in the end.
  6. No dog in this fight but I’ve bought stuff from lewman before and everything was packed very well. My buddies dad got one of his MG42 7.62x39 kits and he commented on how over packed it was. I mean maybe he just tossed it in a old used box as you claim, but the four or five items I got from him weren’t.
  7. People Are Not Buying Guns

    WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY ARE JUST USING NIC'S to track all the sales? while it certainly would be the most accurate , perhaps some survey stats or other means is also or at least a part of it. while actual volume might be down. prices for all the "collector grade" guns are on the rise and have by a steady margin at all the auction houses. the trend is one or two types will rise and maybe one will stay the same. but the category will change from type to type depending on how many are offered. the BREAD AND BUTTER guns like many AR variations , GLOCKS etc will often drop one sale , but rise back to normal the next for some reason with the yearly average staying pretty solid or slightly higher. the MAIN variable at these auctions effecting price is HOW MANY EQUAL EXAMPLES ARE OFFERED AT THE SALE TIME. too many lugers and the price will end up low. since 2013 I have been on the phone LIVE for EVERY LOT EVERY DAY at ALL the major auctions and the data holds true for them all. too many "mid level" higher grade WINCHESTER lever guns and the price will drop. at the last R.I. internet auction , post 80's COLT- 1911's hammered at $450 and COLT M-4's $700. my point is GUNS ARE SELLING when the price is right for the market and they ALWAYS WILL !
  8. Hi, I purchased a Wilson/Swedish K and would like to purchase a suppressor for it. I would like any information on buying one. The only thing I found was the Jim Burgess can for the S&W 76 I am not sure that will work on the Swedish K, any info. will be appreciated. Thanks Greg
  9. WTS DLO trigger box plus 4 H&K hosts

    Hey buddy, thank you for the kind words, you can vouch for the quality of the guns you bought back then, these guns are identical, the MP5K and MP5 F are setup exactly like the ones you bought back then. You know I like doing things the right way. But look at your 2 guns compared to the pics and you’ll see they are direct copies of each other. Thanks again for the kind words.
  10. WTS DLO trigger box plus 4 H&K hosts

    Areuv is a trustworthy seller. I purchased a sear, mp5k, and mp5f from him almost 4 years ago. He was 100% on everything on his end.
  11. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

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  13. 9mm Ammo Question

    I have about 1000 rounds of the South African New Generation ammo. It is packed in the red boxes and is sealed. It is the REGULAR ammo and NOT the +P ammo, Is this just shooting ammo or is it collectible? I bought 2000 rounds of this stuff about 20 years ago. I shot 1000 rounds and kept the other 1000 because it is really primo ammo. I was trying to find more but none is to be found anywhere that I can see.
  14. DLO trigger box, I bought this direct from Doug installed updated roller sear & trip, function test and put away, brand new unfired. 36K MP5 SD built by TSC Machine using demilled postie parts kit, gun is factory correct in every way, it has the ultra rare Knights Arm SD suppressor, A3F stock, A2 stock, Trijicon front night site, comes with spare German bolt carrier group complete with recoil rod (these are becoming hard to get as no more are being imported), will include 5 German mags have LEO marked and regular, this is the best SD setup in my opinion built by one of the best factory correct H&K smiths out there Mike Woodward @TSC Machine. Gun & Suppressor are new unfired since conversion 12.5K MP5 F TSC built using a F parts kit, A3F stock, A2 stock, wide handguard, hard to find Knights Arm forearm/rail system includes 3 rail covers, Trijicon front site, spare German A3 complete bolt carrier group w/recoil rod, will include 5 German mags, also comes with AWC 3 lug suppressor plus many tons of extras like new German extractors & springs, etc. 10.5K SBR on form 4 MP5K PDW TSC built, gun is still registered as a pistol, has factory correct rear drum site plus Trijicon front night site, TSC machined down the barrel out of my 94 to PDW specs and adds 3 lug, short of finding a factory PDW barrel and paying thousands for it I believe this is the best option, will ship separately German front grip, And B&T stock (also had PDW stock) I prefer he B&T, also comes with Gemtech MK-9K 3 lug suppressor, will include 5 German mags, mp5k custom range pouch, German semi auto 3 pos C&P housing with extended selector level 10.5K H&K 53 TSC Machine built from a H&K 93 and 53 parts kit, Factory correct in every way, spare German bolt carrier group, comes with newest A3 stock, newest A2 stock older A3 stock, have 8-10 German mags most still new in bags, German 4 prong flash suppressor plus AAC flash suppressor 53 teeth for their suppressors. SBR form 4 in PA 8.5K also have Vector RDTS SD built by Jeff @PCS. Jeff reworked the tolerances on the Vector receiver to spec, installed new handguard cage, RDTS German barrel, RDTS HE suppressor, German bolt carrier group with correct SD locking piece, pic rail welded on the complete top of receiver with Eotech XPS3, B&T stock, semi auto German C&P housing. Form 4 in PA 4.5k obo will not sell DLO trigger box until all hosts are sold, will give a discount if someone wants to buy the whole package plus I have thousands oh H&K extras I’ll throw in. In fact if someone is serious about making a legitimate offer I’ll throw in my H&K P7M13 comes with 2 mags, is in the very rare KC date coded nickel finish. I bought this gun brand new in 92 it’s mint. Please no tire kickers and no dreamers, this H&K collection took me years to put together, only the best of the best was used and no expenses were spared
  15. Just got this in New Unfired FN model M249S Not part of the FN recall Pictured still in box will assemble for display if needed. Most distributors are out of stock. Standard M249 configuration black finish. Price is 7999.00 will trade
  16. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    Mike, UZiI is sold pending funds. If you assisted in any way with the sale it is greatly appreciated. If there is ever anything we can do to assist you in the future don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Janet and Steve @ J and J Firearms LLC.
  17. . WTS Books NRA Semi Auto Rifles / American Rifleman old Browning FAL ad Shipping ..... US Priority Flat Rate ____________________________ . Payment Options..... Discreet Paypal +3% [ Preferred ] Required within 24 Hours Or US Postal Money Order Required within 5 days Please email me directly at . No PM's When you email me ....tell me HOW you wish you Pay...... either Discreet Paypal or a US Postal Money Order .... this speeds things up a bit. Thanks for Looking Buddy ___________________________________________________________ NRA Semi Auto Rifles ...... softcover ..... 156 pages ...... dated 1988 Test Reports on the Beretta AR70 - BM62 - AR180 - AUG - FAMAS - AR15 - Daewoo K2 - FNC - Galil - HK91 - HK94 - SL6 and 7 - HK PSG1 - HK940 - Mini14 - StG90 - SKS - FAL - UZI - M1 Carbine and Garand - M1A excellent $30 shipped US Priority mail Collection of Semi Auto Test Reports from the American Rifleman magazines . American Rifleman magazine October 1962 ..... contains the Famous FAL ad Cover separated from magazine ...... pages intact....... $15 shipped US Priority mail .
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