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  2. WTB: 1914 Fiat Revelli parts/accessories

    BTT Any and all leads are greatly appreciated.
  3. This is an original Navy Mk-6 Depth Charge.. Which was used during WWII. This is inert and I believe it was used by the Navy as a training aid. It has the Navy Data Tag still on the top of it. $3,000 Plus Shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
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  5. I also Had RDTS convert my dealer sample Mp5 into a Mp5SD with his can, back in1996ish. Still the quietest gun out there. Not sure if he is still modifying receivers but rest assured, he's the best. What can are you going to use?
  6. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    It says in the title SBR
  7. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

    Interesting.. No 3rd hole, but looks like a F/A hammer in IT. Was this stop for a DIAS?
  8. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    For the price it would be likely a SBR semiauto
  9. Johnson 1941

    I was offered one that was in a little rougher condition then this one last year for 2300. So I’d say 2500-2800 probably would be a good range for this gun. In my opinion.
  10. Value/Rarity of old Barrett M82A1

    Is it similar to the following link
  11. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    Is this s SMG? Complete or semiautomatic?
  12. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    PM sent
  13. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

    Sorry did not know that. Please forgive me. The price did seen extremely low. I apologize.
  14. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

    TKS> OK, I'll set it aside for did see that this is a SBR NOT a transferable machine gun. It is factory marked SMG but it is not a machine gun. Does not have the third hole and has not been "converted" inside of the receiver is in tact. Please see pics:
  15. WTS H&R Reising Model 50 $8500

    I’m interested
  16. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

  17. WTS: HK P7 PSP $2400

    for sale: Nice HK P7 PSP (NOT A P7 M8) NDS marked 11/82 Hard plastic box...does not match gun number. Sorry no tools or Manual. Asking $2400 shipped/insured to your FFL. Pictures available. Thanks: Phil
  18. Sir we had a small issue with them all will go out tomorrow. I had to test fire them again sorry for the timeline going so long
  19. Yesterday
  20. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

    WTS: Form 4 in NC COLT AR-15. Colt Short Barrel Rifle. Factory marked 9mm SMG with two original Colt 9mm mags. Form 4 directly to NC Residents. Asking $5000 includes first transfer tax. Thanks: Phil
  21. Large Pintle MK26 soft mount for M2 HB or M3 hard to find 1500.00 U arrange shipping, weighs about 60 LBS. lot of 5 HK used P7M13 mags 1000.00 for all 5
  22. WTS Transferable Ruger AC556 $15,500

    for sale: form 4 in NC. Nice Ruger AC556K, blued with factory folding stock. Includes 4 mags. Pictures available for serious inquires. Form 4 directly to NC residents....Asking $15,500. Thanks: Phil
  23. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    WTS: HK 33K (TSC Conversion) very nice condition. Pictures available for serious inquirers. Form 4 direct to NC residents....Asking $6500. Thanks: Phil
  24. WTS H&R Reising Model 50 $8500

    for sale: form 4 in NC. H&R Reising model 50. Very nice Condition w/two mags. Form 4 direct to NC available for serious inquirers. Asking $8500. Thanks: Phil
  25. Did anyone who purchase from the lot of 10 , receive their Galil SBR ?
  26. G36 trigger packs

    I have a few new old stock G36 trigger packs in Safe, Semi, Full configuration. You can modify these to work on semi builds but please don't, there are only so many of these in circulation. 800 delivered each. Pm if interested Thanks
  27. I use Black Dog Machine Drums with mine & they work great.
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