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  2. WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor. This is an Action Arms imported I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ. An after market side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package. The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector. Overall condition is very good, unknown round count. Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a de-milled Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock. The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3. PA residents can purchase these items directly on two Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps). Seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally. Price is $17,000.00 + S/I
  3. Is there really only 179,000 or so transferable’s

    Here are the numbers and this is from BATFE: So the count is pretty close at 175,977 transferrable. The following information corresponds to your request for an exact count of transferrable pre 86 machineguns, post May 86 machineguns, and sale sample machineguns, registered in the National Firearms Registration Transfer Record System (NFRTR). Restricted 922(o) 297,667 Sales Samples 17,020 Pre 86 175,977
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  5. Excellent Like-New Condition Beretta 92-FS 9mm Pistol Manufactured in 1994 in the USA. Includes (1)One 15rd Original Magazine and the Original Factory Plastic Pistol Box. (No printed material is included). Absolute Beautiful Gun with near perfect finish on slide and frame with only minor handling marks and take-down marks. Especially for a 25 year old gun. This Gun has been in a personal collection for past 22 years. Very low round count. Buyer has the Opportunity to Purchase a Excellent Condition Threaded Barrel 1/2×28 with Thread-Protector (mid 90’s Period Correct) of an Unknown Manufacturer and a Hogue Wrap-Around Soft Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves of same period for an Additional $125.00 for both items. $435.00 Plus $25 Shipping or 954-960-2596 Florida Residents Add 7% Sales Tax
  6. Excellent Like-New Glock Gen 2 G19-Compensated Semi-Auto 9mm Pistol (Austria) with Custom Features by Certified Glock Smith, Ron Council, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The gun hasn’t seen more than 100 rounds down the pipe and has spent the last 20+ years in a gun rug. Original finish is in VG condition and the polymer is perfect in everyway. No disappointments. Custom Features are Period Correct (1997/1998). Factory Barrel was polished to mirror finish (some heat discolor from firing), as well of all the Pins, Extractor, Firing Pin and all internal operating parts . Upgraded Polished Extended Slide Release and 3.5 Trigger Pull. Tru-Dot Night Sights (that have died years ago). Gold painted accents in lettering on Barrel are present but have faded on the slide over the years of storage in a gun rug. Also includes the Original Serialized Factory Tupperware Box, with (2) Original 10rd Magazines (non-drop free), Magazine Loader, Cleaning Rod & Brush and Unmolested Manual/Registration cards. Serial # CGS630 - (1997) $595.00 shipped - 954-960-2596
  7. WTS: M11/9mm Form 3

    Want to sell, good condition M11/9mm on a Form 3 in Colorado Asking 8k, I'll pay shipping. DM for pictures
  8. WTB Lanchester End Cap and Trigger Group

    Thanks. Please shoot me a message with your findings.
  9. I find it amazing when these "minority" sports figures, some who have a difficult time pronouncing the word "ask" have now decided to become an official authority on the Constitution and the ghetto interpretation of what "FREE SPEECH" is. These f-ing morons can't even put 2-- $5 words together to make an intelligent sentence, but we should listen to their sage advice. Yea sure, right away buckwheat. Laughable at best. Best for these hoop monkeys' to stick to what they know best, beating up the be-atch, firing up dat crack pipe, buying $10K dogs then starve them to death, wearing ridiculous looking gold neck chains and gold teef, den crashing a $500K sports cars a hour after it leaves the dealer showroom, cause they B too f-ing stupid to understand the difference between duh gas pedal and duh brake! Your feel me? R.L.
  10. Sig Sauer 516 Patrol 5.56mm Police Trade Ins. These are Very Clean and Nice Trades! The 516 is a Piston gun and has adjustable gas block. These are 5.56mm and have 16" barrels. Very low round counts. $900ea Save some money on these as they are normally well over $1400 New. If interested send us an email or call the shop. Acme Sports, Inc. 800 E. Tipton St. Seymour, IN 47274 812-522-4008 Follow us on Facebook:
  11. Transferable Ruger AC556F

    Price Reduced $12,000
  12. WTB Lanchester End Cap and Trigger Group

    Sir, May have what your looking for. Will check this evening. Thanks,
  13. I’d like to take a look at your parts, just saw you are in Carlisle, I work in New Cumberland.
  14. AC556 STOCK

    Message sent.
  15. Please post a picture or two.
  16. Looking for a strip loader and straightening tool. I would like the Turkish setup with both loader and straightening tool in the box complete, but of course I will entertain other options. South American or Jap is good too. Prefer the rimless loader. Thanks. Mike Duke Wireguy77(nospam) (702) nospam325-3685
  17. Class 2 Engraving Machine Recommendation

    I am also a Class 2 SOT. I use the Ghost Gunner Defense Distributed's CNC machine to mill out 80% lowers. They provided another set of code to enable me to engrave my FFL information on the lowers to be compliant with marking regulations. This is a small machine and works very well on milling out the lowers, and with the proper bits, was able to engrave a pretty detailed logo for my company. Here is their link! Great product, but took a bit for mine to come in as they were in the middle of their lawsuits. I hope this helps, but regardless keep me informed which way you go... Chris
  18. Wow I got approved fast

    Lol finally some one else haha my friends keep telling me I need a can it’s just like... but that 1000 dollers can towards more ammo hahaha only gun so far I’ve thought I’d like a can for is the m10 and that’s well mostly I’m worried about some one putting a burst in there hand from it or something other then that so far for me I’ve not really seen a need for one.
  19. I kept watching the vids thinking "Damn, that looks a lot like Knob Creek" Guess I'm not the only one. Dave
  20. Looking for a lanchester smg trigger group and end cap. Purchased kit and was missing these items. Might also entertain a dummy gun so long as these parts are present. Thanks!
  21. The Truth has been racist since Obama, He over played the race card till it was nothing.
  22. I have had my JCB RDIAS since June of 1995 and replaced the spring several times with a ball point clicker spring cut to length. Works great! Basically free for the taking!
  23. And claims it's in Syria, with Turkish troops attacking the Kurds. You just can't make this shit up! R.L.
  24. Wow I got approved fast

    Never been a can kinda guy. I like the obnoxious sound of un-muffled full auto fire. I do like the look of the Bower's Bitty, though. I'd put that on my .22 Hornet.
  25. Wow I got approved fast

    MontanaRenegade86, you do have cans for everything, right? If not, you've got some more stamps to buy! I'm gonna make the payments on 2 more in a few weeks. Rebel Silencers are having a BOGO sale on their Alliance cans. 2 5.56 cans for $800 is too good to pass up.
  26. Wow I got approved fast

    Brother, I'll always have a soft spot for machine guns and this awesome community. I plan on bothering you guys for a looooooooooong time. If a really sweet deal comes along, I may change my mind and get back in. Right now, the wait times are just driving me insane.
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