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  2. MG's as an investment

    As far as I’m concerned that 200 doller tax stamp I paid for is all the money the tax man should see from me for buying a firearm that should be protected by the constitution and I should not even have to ask permission or pay a tax to own in the first place.... that’s how I feel about it..
  3. Hey fellas Monday I might be making a trip to look at one want to know if there’s anything I should look for to determine if it’s a good gun or not my experience w tube guns and sub guns is very limited so have no idea what I’m looking at and how to judge value of it.... also what’s the going rate for mk760 I’m not saying asking price but the avg actual sell price? Have you owned one? What was your experience with it like? I’ve read great things about the gun and then I’d herd horrible things about the guns. Thanks fellas in advanced for your time and wisdom.
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  5. I have a bakers dozen of these, but I'm not sure what gun they fit. They look like a "tall" M-14 sight.
  6. Looking for a complete Daewoo dr200 bolt carrier and charging handle. thanks
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  8. Beautiful 1934 Hotchkiss, always indoors, a killer piece with nice original paint. The original white camouflage can be seen under the green paint, nice patina , excellent tires. Came through Oho Ordnance at one time. C&R. 19k cash form 3. Email me at
  9. As pictured. Looks like I put it on something at some point but super clean, maybe just a couple rounds to test...? As can be seen, there appears to be a little chunk of the retainer broken off, don’t know how that happened. Latch still closes and stays in place. $50 shipped Priority, no sales where prohibited. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  10. Steyr MPi-69 parts kit as seen in photos. $700 shipped. Includes repair box tubing. Note front of lower was cut off. Internal parts are in good condition.
  11. WTS: HK G36K and G36C Parts Kit

    Got it!
  12. Sold it and forgot to take it down.
  13. Sten MKII Parts Set, Includes 2 Magazines $300.00

    Sten MKII Parts Set has been Sold. Murray Over in Carolina
  14. WTS: Transferable Vector Uzi with BG bolt

    Up for sale is a transferable Vector Uzi with a BG registered full auto bolt. The host is the Vector Arms UZI mini carbine. It has an 8" semi-auto profile barrel, full-auto ratcheting top cover assembly, a folding stock, and an A-R-S full-auto grip. It comes with a Gemtech Mossad II sound suppressor (2 tax stamps needed total) The condition is really good as it has been fired pretty minimally. Willing to ship to an accepting SOT for an additional cost, or we can do local pickup (we are an SOT) With any questions, please email or call 480-348-1111 $18,000 firm.
  15. Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Barrels & Linked Ammo

    I don't have an answer for you. 5-6 months ago they put out several. They are concentrating on the FX-9 Pistol & AR. Keep in contact with the factory for best results.
  16. MG's as an investment

    I've thought about this too, and one great truth keeps coming back to me -- for it to really count as an "investment", you have to be willing and able to sell it when its value reaches some certain level. If you would not sell it even when it's worth 10x what you paid for it, it's probably and expensive toy, not an investment. P.S., you may decide for yourself what to tell the Mrs.
  17. -deleted-

    -deleted- admin, please remove?
  18. Any indication from Freedom Ordnance about whether they're going to make more, or they done with this upper system?
  19. Ares Shrike

    Still for sale? Anything else with it? links, ammo, belt bags/boxes, extra barrel, etc.?
  20. Looks like your images have expired. Please re-post?
  21. Please send me your email address. Ken
  22. Have some more available lots to sell; that are ready to ship. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks!
  23. Price reduced Note this includes two drum magazines a Bridgeport and Crosby.
  24. Colt M16A2

    If you are buying a transferable Colt M16, you are certainly looking at investment value. The Colt M16A2 holds more value and they haven’t been under $30K since 2013. They have been as high at $37k in recent years. These are averages, so some may fall outside of this (I’ve seen $40k A2s). Either way, make your investment now...
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