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  2. Have one Ruger LCP .380 Sneaky Pete Holster (Belt Clip) Left Handed, Magazine w/Extended Pinky, No Laser, Black Leather in which I paid $49.95 plus $6 shipping. Will sell for $35 shipped and is AS NEW condition.
  3. Have Original Ruger Mark II Target Pistol Catalog No. KMK-512 Box & Manual only in as new condition. The Instruction Manual for the Ruger Mark II Pistols is dated 5/93 and is 35 pages in as new condition which covers the STANDARD, TARGET, GOVERNMENT TARGET, COMPETITION, AND 22/45 MODELS. Will sell original MARK II TARGET PISTOL BOX and Instruction Manual for RUGER MARK II PISTOLS 35 pages as set for $25 plus shipping.
  4. NEW (50% OFF) $19.50 each shipped.
  5. You'll have to research each gun and come up with a figure of, "what can I sell it for"? Then, and only then, do you make an offer. Two ways to go about it. You can offer 50% of ""what can I sell it for", or, you can "cost average" the collection. 50% gives you "room" to negotiate when you sell, and still have a margin.
  6. So recently one of my grandfathers friend passed away he has about a 30-40 gun collection all the guns are in great condition he hardly ever shot stuff it’s mostly nice old colt handguns old expensive rolling block style rifles and what not. Not stuff that I can just take and sling at the gun show. If they were just the normal cheap stuff and hammy down stuff I’d allready know what to offer for the collection.... and this collection can’t be passed down like I recommend because well there entire family is old school Italians all his kids and other relatives are felons unfortunately and can not possess any firearms... so I’m having trouble figuring out what to offer on a collection like this would 60% of the value be an acceptable offer? I don’t want to cheat any one but Ik it will take time to sell the collection and trade it off. it also will tie up a good amount of my money and well I’m not moving a collection for free. So pretty much how much do you guys offer when buying out some ones collection ??? I’m used to buying people out with like 10-20 guns mostly made up of model 94 lever guns pump shot guns over and unders couple ars handful of glocks... but not a collection Of colt pythons and so on kind of thing. Thanks for all your advice and knowledge in advance
  7. HK PSG-1

    Michael @ Micheals Machine has been advertising some lately.
  8. HK PSG-1

    Hey guys, I’m on the hunt for a real, original Hk PSG-1 Sniper. Can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks, RJ
  9. Somebody school me on the PS90

    I've had a PS-90 since they first hit the country. Great little gun. I don't care if I have AP ammo for it. I figure if I ever actually have to use it for "defense", I'll just pump three or four rounds into the target. Or just shoot till the threat is eliminated. I rather enjoy the top magazine arrangement, and have never had a failure with factory ammo. I've tried to handload for it, but it seems to be VERY picky about type of powder, and EXACT powder charge. But overall, I really enjoy taking it out and shooting it. No recoil to speak of, so very fast to shoot. Feels natural to me, as I kind of wrap around the gun. Just wish it had a better trigger. I would say that someone center punched at point blank with a 5.7 is pretty lucky to survive. I had a friend back in the mid 80's that bought a brand new Colt Lawman 357. That day, we sat down and loaded a box of 357 mag, with a casefull of H-110 and a Speer 125 on top. Later that week, he's up at the University, sitting in his '67 Camaro, and figures he's going to dork around with his new revolver. Flicks the cylinder open, dumps the cartridges into his hand, and drops them on the passenger seat. Flicks the cylinder closed, and starts dry firing the gun....Click....Click....BOOM!!!!...(didn't check to see that all 6 came out. Not smart).He flicks the Colt onto the passenger seat, shakes his head to re-arrange all the disturbed molecules inside from torching off a 357 inside a closed car, and starts looking for the hole in the floorboard. As he is looking, he notices a wisp of smoke coming off the top of his left leg....And notices he's got a new hole in his Levis. 4 holes, to be exact. He had his leg pulled back when it went off, so in the top, out the bottom, then in the back of the calf, then out the front, at the left side. He proceeds to get out of the car, enter the admin building, trailing blood as it's running down his leg, climbs three flight of stairs before he finds anyone there on a Saturday, and asks them to call an ambulance, because he just shot himself in the leg. No hits to the bones, or major nerves or major blood vessels. Lucky. 4 holes with one bullet. Didn't even know he'd shot himself for about 15 seconds or so, till he noticed smoke coming off his leg.
  10. For sale an M3A1 greasegun parts kit. Excellent condition Includes all parts except one sling loop. magazine catch shield is not shown, but is included. Please email or text with any questions, rather than posting or IM Thanks for looking, James Gordon Specialty Arms 864-430-4286
  11. For sale a .308 1919A4 completed semi-auto receiver. Also included is all parts needed (with modifications) to complete receiver into a semi-auto firearm. Receiver was built in 2012 using US GI parts kit derived from 308 converted gun from Israel and was left over from a batch of guns that we built in that period, but these internals were never completed. Springs, cotter pins, rear sight parts, screws, and any worn parts were replaced with new ones from Ohio Ordnance Works. Package also includes semi-auto trigger, spring, and sear. Receiver is completed except for installing new rear sight parts. Receiver engraving on right side plate: BROWNING MACHINE GUN U.S. CAL.30 M1919A4 MFG BY GSA, GREENVILLE, SC S/N SA 062XXX Also has Gordon Specialty Arms (GSA) logo Work needed to complete firearm: Barrel extension needs to be modified to fit semi receiver Lock frame assembly needs to be modified for semi trigger and to fit semi receiver. Bolt needs to be modified for semi sear and to fit receiver. Parts kits are scarce and demand a premium. Most of the hard work (building the receiver) has been done for you Notes: Must be shipped to FFL. Can also be used as host gun for "Post 86 Sample" by 07/02 FFL. Will also include FA sear and trigger (if buyer does not have 02 SOT...these parts will be removed) ALL NFA rules apply Please email or text with any questions, rather than posting or IM Thanks for looking, James Gordon Specialty Arms 864-430-4286
  12. new in box RV85 on Gunbroker these are a grand or more $725.00 shipped
  13. WTB: M72 LAW TUBE

    Have a cherry M72 LAW tube with caps and a loose 35mm trainer insert for $595.00 another trashy one for $150
  14. Mac 11 in 380 machine-gun with suppressor, fully transferable on Form 3, ATF shows the manufacturer as RPB. Located in Denham Springs, La 7,500.00 Plus ship and Ins. will consider offers. What you see is what you get, as is.
  15. Yesterday
  16. WTS Vector Uzi Form 4 PA 9mm,.45acp,.22LR

    Fred In my first Email I asked about the Uzi working in all calibers, because of Issues with the Vector and the 22 kits. ( I have two friends with the 22 kits and they can not get them to run.) Second, I asked where in PA are you located, since I am in Michigan and can take a drive over to see it. I also included my Email to contact me if that would be better. Thanks Marty
  17. WTS: Colt IAR Upper Receivers - Pics

    One month BTT... still have 1 of these left. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  18. Wtb mp34 bolt and barrel

    Hello all. New to this forum but on multiple others for a decade with same username. I'm also looking for an MP34 bolt in 9mm Para. Thanks in advance for any and all leads! APEX had them until I needed one and then of course they were sold out.
  19. HK770 .308 w/05 mount $2600 - Remington 1187 12ga $500 Please NO PM's Email me directly at >>> Live near Houston TX ?? ...... Can do a FTF / Face To Face CASH Transaction . Would Prefer to Meet up at Carter's Country Gun Shop on I-10 at Campbell Rd. [ west side ... right outside 610 Loop ] [ guns in Carter's Country Parking lot is a common sight ] shipping by US Registered Mail .... About $60 ________________________________________________ HK 770 .308 Semi Auto hunting rifle ...... my personal hunting rifle .... been sitting in my safe since 1988 ...... and needs a new home ....... This rifle was shipped to me directly from HK .... I am the original owner .... probably fired less than 100rds . comes with Original HK 05 quick detachable Scope mount [$600] with Bushnell 3x9 Scope ...... One 3 rd and one 10rd mag [$150] .....still have the original cardboard shipping box with the styrofoam insert .... manual .... warranty card ...... take down tool ..... a few minor scuffs on the wood otherwise ..... excellent ..... $2600 . .308 Boxed ammo available to anyone local ....... 50 caliber can full. _______________________________________________________ WTS Remington1187 12Ga.Shotgun ... $500 Remington 11-87 12Ga. Shotgun .....2-3/4 - 3 inch Black Synthetic Stock Parkerized with short 18" Police Barrel...with Rifle Sights . Excellent Condition $500 ______________________ . Payment Options....... Discreet Paypal +3% [ Preferred ] Required within 24 Hours Or US Postal Money Order Required within 5 days Please email me directly at No PM's When you email me ....tell me HOW you wish you Pay....... either Discreet Paypal or a US Postal Money Order .... this speeds things up a bit. Thanks for Looking Buddy ______________________________________
  20. WTB Swiss Sig 553 Pistol

    Looking to purchase a Swiss (M+M or Sig import) Sig 553 PISTOL. Preferably with the diopter sights. Please be reasonable on price and let me know what you have. Thank you, Nick From GunnuG
  21. Anything still available?
  22. Mini Uzi Closed bolt

    Looking for a closed bolt conversion for a mini uzi. Thank You!!
  23. WTS:FN SCAR 17s PACKAGE ,$2800 SEE PIC

  24. Sorry for your loss ( and even more sorry you don't still have them to sell...;))
  25. Somebody school me on the PS90

    You left out the most important part Mike.....were those beautiful boobies undamaged after the shot???? Don't tell me you didn't sneak just a little peek?? Bob
  26. Weatherby collection. I'm helping a friend sell a collection of Weatherby's. If you have an interest, please email me direct at: and I'll send you his contact details. Thanks, GM / West Palm, FL - FFL / SOT --------------------------- - Mark XXII .17 HMR, - (2) Mark XXII .22 semi auto rifles, - Mark V 224 Weatherby Magnum, - Mark V 257 Weatherby Magnum with a Burris 4.5-14X42 scope, - Mark V 270 Weatherby magnum, - Mark V 300 Weatherby magnum with a Nikon Monarch 3-9 X 40 scope, - Mark V 340 Weatherby magnum. ** All are in perfect condition **
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