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  2. M4 14" barrel

    Im looking for a gun smith who can install a muzzle flasher on a 14" M4 barrel make it legal and not a SBR .would like some-one who has done this before and does good work, any member out their who have some-one to recommend E-mail me direct at Regards Charlie Maine
  3. New! By customer request from Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC: PistonPal allows you to organize and keep your spare .75″ diameter suppressor pistons together in one place. Made of high-impact ABS polymer, it’s designed to hold firmly yet allow easy insertion and removal. Fixed barrel spacers can also be stored by sliding them over the pistons prior to insertion. Additional holes on each side allow the attachment of split rings or parachute cord. PistonPal’s price is $35 shipped. See our website for volume discount information for PistonPal and our other products. We are also now an authorized reseller for the Energetic Armament VOX BLOX™ Vise Soft Jaws for holding your suppressor securely while performing maintenance using our tools. There are multiple sizes for different suppressor models, which can be seen HERE. The VOX BLOX™ price is $25 each shipped. See for more information and to see our line of 19 types of suppressor tools.
  4. Email sent. I will take the full length rod stock
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  6. WTS : HK91 IB Date code $2200

    bump for price drop
  7. Question about C&R for 1918 BAR

    Couple of things to address in the above post. Reactivation of a registered DEWAT, whether by an individual through form 1 application, or through Form 2 by an 07/02 licensee is defined by ATF as "making" an MG, and by ATF's definition that is a legal form of "manufacturing" and is NOT "repair' and ATF regs require any firearm that is "manufactured" to be marked with the name and address of the person or licensee doing the actual reactivation. So, any processed reactivation requires marking of the receiver. About fifteen or more years ago, I had a number of dialogues with the head of FTB and asked for the removal of the definition of a reactivation as manufacturing so the MG did not require marking. In my fire he marking is erroneous and defaces the MG. The MG was already registered as "manufactured" by the original arsenal, factory, etc and returning it to live fire does not constitute manufacturing by any logical assessment. ATF's response was that any work done to significantly alter the receiver of an MG was considered 'manufacturing". OK, whatever, no change was ever made. Anyway, reactivation is NOT repair. Now, the proper paper trail for a registered DEWAT to be reactivated is use of a form 5, tax exempt transfer to an 07/02. He does the reactivation, notifies ATF using a form 2 that the MG has been reactivated and then returns the gun by taxed form 4 directly to its owner. This is where the tax is paid for the "making" or change of status from DEWAT to live MG. for an individual to do the reactivation, he should have received the registered DEWAT by form 5, tax exempt. Then he files a taxed, form 1 to reactivate the MG and when he receives the approved form1, he can do the work He is required to mark the MG. The form 1 is his registration of the gun. Again, the ID of the manufacturer remains the same as noted on the original registration in the NFRTR. An exception to the above are registered DEWATs that have transferred by taxed form 4s. These MGs can reactivated without any further paperwork because they are already considered "live" MGs, having had the tax paid for the transfer. The registered "manufacturer/importer" ID of a registered DEWAT listed on the original registration form NEVER changes, unless it is clearly incorrect and a correction can be done by the registrant with a letter to ATF requesting that the correct ID be included with that serial number in the NFRTR. An 07/02 who reactivates a registered DEWAT does NOT enter his name as the "manufacturer" of the reactivation. He files a form 2 and checks the 'reactivation" box. The ID of the manufacturer/importer does not change from that of the original registration when reactivated. There is no requirement in the C+R regulations of the '68 GCA that a C+R listed MG to be in its original factory configuration. That is only stipulated for IMPORT of C+R title I firearms. MGs have been prohibited for importation for private transfer and possession since the end of the '68 Amnesty. The C+R status of some MGs is in a grey area since they have been materially altered. An example is a 1910 Russian Maxim kit built into a transferable example by installing the registered side plate of the German MG08 Maxim. Can just a side plate be transferred as a C+R firearm? Under NFA law, the registered component of an MG is the "machine gun", so following that logic then just a sideplate can transfer as a C+R if it came from a C+R MG. However the MG08 no longer exists, which was the C+R MG. The registration lists the MG as an MG08 but it is no longer an MG08. In my view, having built many of these hybrid, transferable Maxims, is that the gun should not transfer as C+R because it is materially no longer an MG08, and I have "manufactured' it as a 1910, so the fifty year old rule from date of manufacture applies. However, there is no record of the date of my re-manufacture, so when does the counting begin to fifty years from date of mfg? This is counting angels on the head of a pin. Some of my customers have wanted to ask ATF to change the registration ID of the gun to 1910 Maxim, but that creates the false impression that the gun was originally registered as a 1910 but it was not. IMO, it is best that these guns not retain their C+R status so as to keep the provenance clear. The example noted in the above post of the use of registered aircraft Vickers side plates to build ground guns suffers form the same issues. Since ATF never sees the hardware to understand that an MG has been materially altered and refers to the original registration to vet a transfer, such hybrids will sail through a transfer without an issue. Hope this helps…...
  8. Another lot sent out; Thanks. Have 3 lots left!
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  10. WTB M2 Carbine

    Pm sent
  11. WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto

    Very aware that the Chinese M14's are a great platform. Some need attention to possible week link areas i.e. bolt, springs and trigger group pins in my opinion.
  12. Early Aircraft Barrel Jacket $125 +. E-mail only
  13. As pictured, two A3 stocks for the G3-series. Full length rod, $200. Short rod for $300 (IIRC it's for the 51?). Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  14. As pictured. Can see a faint mark on the stick but I don't recall ever using I guess I'll say used once. $175 shipped basic Priority Mail. No sales where prohibited. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  15. WTS: Romanian PKM Parts Kit (Complete)- PICS

    BTT ... One Kit left. Price dropped...See first post for photos.. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  16. Transferable RPB M-10 9mm w/ Uzi Grip Conversion and Lage MAX-10 upper w/ 34 Uzi magazines. $10,250.00 plus shipping and insurance Buyer pays Transfer Tax On a Form 3 to your dealer 1. RPB Overstamp M10. 2. Uzi Grip Conversion by Practical Solutions. 3. Double Feed Uzi Bolt conversion by Practical Solutions. 4. Lage Max-10 9mm upper. 29 25rd Uzi magazines 5 32rd Uzi magazines 281.451.4175 FS: Houston TX. RPB M-10 9mm w/ Uzi Grip Conversion and Lage MAX-10 upper
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